Friday, June 19, 2009

Suave Skin Firming Lotion - Review - Best Wrinkle Reducer Ever!

I'm a lotion fanatic and buy it every chance I get. I never finish a bottle before buying yet another. I'm also on the lookout for ways to keep my skin smoother and tighter. Being middle aged has its perks, but also it's downsides. Saggy skin and those not-funny laugh lines are just a few of them!

About a year ago I bought a bottle of Suave Skin Firming lotion to use on my arms and legs. A couple of nice ingredients in it are aloe vera, seaweed, and lactic acid. It has a light scent and doesn't feel greasy or heavy. I hate feeling like I'm wearing a layer of Crisco on my face and body!

Well, let me tell you, it worked great and loved the texture of my skin after applying it. One night I needed a face lotion and had misplaced my latest trial product. I grabbed the bottle of Suave and put it on my face...WOW! I could literally see the fine lines disappear before my eyes! Crows feet, forehead lines, mouth lines...all were almost invisible.

For the past ten years I've probably spent thousands of dollars on various wrinkle creams, and am usually disappointed or only halfway pleased. I can honestly say that the Suave Firming lotion has been the best--and cheapest!--lotion I've ever tried. Now I'm never without it.  I just wish they made it in travel sizes.  What I usually do is get a small empty bottle and just put some in it for when traveling.

Give this lotion a try, you won't be let down. Don't let the tiny price fool you!

Rating: 10

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