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CreateSpace: A Review of Amazon’s Self-Publishing Tool

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CreateSpace is revolutionary if you’ve ever dreamed of making it big as an author. Whether you want to write how to books, the next great American novel or a self help series, CreateSpace makes this possible, when otherwise doors would have slammed in your face. CreateSpace and other self-publishing tools are changing the entire publishing industry.

How it Works

CreateSpace is a complete online self-publishing tool. CreateSpace provides all the services of a book publisher and more. Let’s say you have finally completed that novel you’ve always wanted to write, been rejected by 100 publishing houses and cant find a literary agent to represent your book. CreateSpace is your answer. Here’s how:

First, you take that novel saved onto your computer and get one of CreateSpace’s editorial services. You can get a basic copyedit for about $150 or you can opt for a full editorial evaluation for $300. Either way, writers can’t edit their own work, so you can buy some editing a la cart from CreateSpace. Next, you opt for one or many of CreateSpace’s layout and design services. A professional graphic designer can design your book cover and any interior pages. Specialized artists can provide illustrations for children’s’ books.

Then, you self publish through CreateSpace. Here’s the best part – CreateSpace only prints a book per sale. There is no upfront cost to self-publish, CreateSpace takes a small percentage of your book sales. You can also, and should self-publish your book in the Kindle Store. Lastly, you can buy a marketing package from CreateSpace. Public Relations Specialists will write an official press release and distribute it to a minimum of 1000 media contacts. Your book will also be promoted extensively through web-based tools. And that’s that – you’re a published author!

Why it’s Awesome

CreateSpace’s publish on demand model costs authors nothing to sell their works. This is mitigates the risk of self-publishing to almost nil. CreateSpace also takes only a small percentage of sales, while big name publishers take the vast majority of profits. It’s a sad fact that many best selling authors represented by big names are far from wealthy. CreateSpace’s a la cart publishing, design and marketing services are totally professional and unbelievably cheap. You only pay for exactly what you want.

What’s Missing?

CreateSpace is not a big name literary agent with exclusive industry contacts. But seriously, what new writer can get represented by this type of agent in a downturned economy anyways?

Jessica Drew is a freelance writer and editor who blogs about a variety of money making and finance topics such as private student loans.
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  1. I'm just about to take the plunge and help someone get their wisdom and wit into print. Are you still raving about CreateSpace?