Friday, October 7, 2011

The Light In The Lake (Prepper Trilogies) by Ron Foster Review

Now that the survivors have found shelter you'd think they could relax a bit, but that wouldn't be wise. There are others who'd love to force them out of their cabins and steal their food and ammo. The bottom line is, when there's a breakdown of society you never let your guard down. Only the strong survive!

In this installment of the Prepper Trilogies we still get loads of survival information mingled in with a nice storyline that's often humorous. Yes, even if you're spending your days and nights merely trying to survive, you've got to keep your sense of humor! Can these preppers not only survive, but thrive and build a new society? Will it be anything like that of the past or something brand new? I was satisfied with the results and enjoy the vision of this author. Hey, it "could" be our future too! Ron Foster's books will teach you a thing or two so you'll be well ahead of the rest.  
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