Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tales for Delicious Girls by Barbora Knobova - Book Review

I just finished reading Barbora Knobova’s book “Tales for Delicious Girls.” In my line of work I read A LOT of books and find myself skimming many of them since there’s not much I haven’t already seen. This time was different. True, books on relationships crowd the shelves of book stores and libraries, but Barbora’s book is unique. Sure, she offers wisdom borne of her own pain and experience, but each chapter is a peek into her life and relationships. Yet instead of feeling like a voyeur simply watching, I felt as if I sat right across the kitchen table from her as she shared with me her past loves and lessons.

We all have different experiences, but every “delicious girl” will see a bit of herself in Barbora’s book. She doesn’t feel sorry for herself; she uses her past as a springboard to the future. Tales for Delicious Girls is filled with cautionary true-stories. Is Barbora trying to use her experiences as a warning to every other girl? To prevent her from making the same mistakes she did? Of course, that would be ideal! But when it comes down to it, what the author is trying to remind every woman is to listen to that small voice inside and act upon it when it says, “Dump this loser!” She wants every woman to remember that no matter our choices, we can make better ones tomorrow.

I have five daughters and want them all to read this book. I want them to remember that you are your own best friend, and when the rest of the world seems against you, when love has given you the dirty end of the stick, you should be able to look in the mirror, hold your head up, and smile right back. Why? Because every female is a Delicious Girl = D for daring, E for enchanting, L for loving, I for inspiring, C for captivating, I for intriguing, O for outgoing, U for unique, S for sophisticated: DELICIOUS!