Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wilderness Refuge: A Prophet's Kingdom by Cheryl Toliver

After reading Cheryl Toliver's book, Wilderness Refuge: A Prophet's Kingdom, I have a completely different understanding and viewpoint of the New Testament.  I must admit that I'm not one to read religious books because so many of them are dry or simply rewrites of what I've read many, many times before.  Ms. Toliver offers an engaging twist by combining history with fiction.  Although the technique isn't new, what I liked about Wilderness Refuge is that you can tell the author did her research.  She took her time getting everything just right so we, the readers, would feel as if we actually walked those streets long ago with John The Baptist, Jesus, peasants and royalty.  Instead of talking AT the reader and being one, long preaching session, Ms. Toliver teaches us Biblical history through her own love for the subject.  Her passion shows on each and every page.  I highly recommend Wilderness Refuge, even if you think you aren't interested in the the New Testament.  The book is highly enjoyable and one can easily get lost among the characters and their lives.