Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Solitary Man by Ron Foster - Prepper Series

I've read all of Ron Foster's books and eagerly await the next. I like the fact that he takes a fictional story and weaves it in with survival skills. I'm an avid prepper (currently looking for several acres of my own) and have just about every prepper, homesteading, and self-sufficiency book ever written. Many of them can be dry, boring, or "just the facts, ma'am." 

Instead, what Mr. Foster gives us is an array of characters in his books who could be people just like us, trying to prepare and/or survive a breakdown of society. He shows you what his characters do so you can do it too. Whether it's solar flares, an economic collapse, or zombies, by reading each one of the author's books you'll not only be entertained, but prepared. 

His latest book The Solitary Man is a must-have if you're a prepper, but want some story to go along with your survival pointers.