Monday, January 3, 2011

How many times have you gone to a meeting or on a date and wanted to meet the person halfway?  You don't have to do all the traveling and neither do they.  I'm a firm believer in compromise and can help you do just that.  Just input the information and Meet You Halfway will not only show you where the halfway point is, but it will also give you a list of nearby hotels, theaters, golf courses, restaurants and more.  You'll be able to meet in the middle, and you won't have to waste time trying to find something to do or someplace to stay.  All the work is done for you!

The site works like a very clean version of Mapquest, only better.  I just gave it a try and put my address in and then the address of one of my friend's.  I then chose a meeting place (they have 54 different categories!).  In this case, I chose a restaurant since we usually meet for lunch.  A map came up and showed that there are 13 different restaurants between where I live and she lives--this is in a 5 mile radius, though you can choose a wider radius if you want to. will take the guesswork out of what to do and where to do it.  And, it will let you know where the halfway point is so it's fair for everyone involved.  Since I tend to meet people quite a lot, this site will come in very handy.  I'm bookmarking it and will use it regularly.  Thank you so much!  What a great site. 

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