Saturday, February 26, 2011

Naked Spirit: The Supernatural Odyssey by Jon Whale

I'm very much into natural health and healing, metaphysics, spirituality, and new thinking paths. I thought I'd read it all and heard it all until I got my hands on Naked Spirit: The Supernatural Odyssey and read about the Assemblage Point. This energy point, if off kilter even a bit, can result in many mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual problems.

This is a huge book, over 300 pages, that will help you locate your personal Assemblage Point and shift it to the optimal position. Once you do you should notice a change in many areas of your life. You can even help friends and family locate theirs and shift them to the proper place.

For anyone who's interested in the human energy field, auras, and chakras, you'll find this book not only entertaining but helpful as well.
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Moonlit Ventures

If you own a business then you need to market it, right?  Of course, but it can get expensive and confusing. What will work best for your type of business?  How can you bring in more potential clients?  The sad truth is, most businesses don't survive 6 months, yet alone their first year. That's where Moonlit Ventures comes in. They can help you grow your business without spending a fortune and, best of all, every product and service they offer comes with a money-back guarantee. If the service/product doesn't pay for itself in increased profits for your business it costs you nothing!

They have some great blog posts you can check out too. One of my favorites was, "10 Marketing Strategies To Thrive In Any Economy."  For those who opt-in you get two free gifts: How To Double Your Business In The Next 90 Days and How To Up Your Profit In A Down Economy.

Check out Moonlit Ventures and and let them do all the work when it comes to promoting your business then watch the profits roll in. And remember, if you don't see a profit you don't pay!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Neovella - Suddenly, A Story

The concept of Neovella is simple. It's like a "round robin" where you start a sentence or paragraph and your friends join in to write a story. You also have the potential to make money with it since they post the top ranking neovellas through Amazon singles and you get your share of the royalties. You keep all rights to your work.

As a writer, it seems like a really fun website--royalties or not. I just signed up for the site. First you select a title for your story, whether to use your real or pen name, if you want to make the project public or private, and how long each person's turn should take--or you can have no time limit.  You can also browse other authors stories.

Whether you and some of your friends just want to have some fun and create a story together or really try to create a best-seller, Neovella looks like a good platform. I'm going to get some of my friends together and see what we can come up with.

CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation

I received a free sample of CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and love it! As I get older I find I need more coverage but hate foundations that feels thick and heavy, greasy, or like they're caked on. For the past year I sparingly used my favorite foundation which is Joey. It's a silicone based foundation and it costs far more than I feel comfortable paying for makeup.  It was a gift and I couldn't bring myself to buy another bottle but have had trouble finding one I like just as much or almost as much.

The sample size of NatureLuxe was enough to use it twice and really get a feel for the product. It went on super smoothly, it was light as air, and covered beautifully. It didn't settle into any creases and stayed fresh looking all day. The cost is about $13.99 for an ounce, which will last a long time since you don't need much.

I highly recommend CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Say Too

As a freelance writer and blogger I'm always looking for new (and preferably free) ways to promote my blogs, articles, and websites. I've been a member of for awhile now and really love their program. If you're looking into blogging for money you can do just that. All you need to do is create a profile and add your blog(s). You then have the potential to earn revenue!

Not only is YouSayToo a good place to post your blogs, but they have a friendly community as well. Along with these perks, there are a lot of blogs listed on the site representing many countries and topics. Just about anything you'd like to read about is probably covered by a blogger, whether it's about the strategic game Age of War or Boxhead 2, or other topics like health, beauty, racing, drinking, you name it!  It's a lot easier to find blogs this way than searching through Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Stop by YouSayToo today and add your blog or just take a look around.

Censored Health by Dr. Lenkei

I'm a firm believer in natural health and healing. I write about it, I work for natural health advocates, I ghostwrite books on the dangers of prescription medicines and the state of today's health programs which are really "sick care" rather than health care."

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the site Censored Health True Health vs. Disease Industry. If you're concerned at all for your health and well-being and that of your loved ones you should really stop by this website and download the first chapter of the Censored Health book by Dr. Lenkei for free. You'll be glad you did!

Here's what you'll learn just in the first chapter alone:
  • Crossroads - We Must Decide
  • Why do we live only half as long as we could?
  • What are the acceptable causes of death?
  • Instead of “What causes it?” ask “The absence of what causes it?”
  • Big answers are always “too simple”
  • The trap of the “unbelievable” – do not fall for it
  • Only 6 billion decisions are needed
You can read the entire table of contents here - Dr. Lenkei knows his stuff. He's been a physician since 1986, graduated in Debrecen with honors, had the position of medical researcher at the Microbiological Institute of Debrecen Medical School, became an obstetrician and gynecologist and more.

You'll learn a lot about what true health is and how to stay vibrant, energetic, and maybe even live longer.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Steam Team - Professional Carpet Cleaning

Why do nearly all homes in America seem to have that off-white carpeting? It's too hard to keep them clean. With two dogs, two cats, and two teenagers at home I was looking online for some carpet cleaning tips. At least now I can keep the carpet looking better until I can have it professionally steam cleaned.

Have you ever rented one of those steam cleaners from the store?  Okay, they're cheap, that's true. I rented one over the summer for about $30, but it was a lot of back breaking work and the carpet didn't look all that great afterward. Not only that, it was pretty wet too. I had to leave all the windows open--in 110 degree weather--just to dry it out. From now on I'll gladly pay for a professional carpet cleaning company to do it.

I have a friend, Patty, who lives in Austin and has an old beagle that often makes messes on the carpet. I looked around online and found The Steam Team. They specialize in deep carpet cleaning austin and also pet stain odor removal austin.

Since Patty's going to have her in-laws over in a few weeks I told her she should really get her carpets cleaned and the stains and odor removed. Her mother-in-law is famous for her highly acute sense of smell and Patty would be horrified if the woman made a remark about the carpet. Besides, having clean carpets just looks and feels better.