Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Games Site Gets Facelift

By Randi Kucala

World of Free Games, home to a large variety of free games downloads since 2009, recently made several site improvements in preparation for the addition of over 100 new games. The new games are slated to be added by the end of the year and will include puzzle, word, action games and more. The site upgrades are designed to improve the user experience, organize the current games, and enhance navigation throughout the site prior to the new content additions.

One of the new features on the site is the inclusion of detailed descriptions on each page. Users benefit by being able to quickly get a snapshot of what each page is about. New game descriptions, enlarged images, and the addition of even more images also help the user gain important information about the free games downloads and get a clear picture about the variety on the site.

To enhance the user experience in finding the exact type of game they are looking for, improvements were also made to site navigation. Links throughout the site now make navigating from page to page easier. Several other navigation options are currently in the testing phase as well.

In a further effort to make the site easier to use and to make certain that users had a way to get answers and voice comments, a Help page was created and changes were made to the Contact Us page. Furthermore, revisions were made to the About Us page to more adequately feature the security and privacy commitment of the site through the TRUSTe Certification program.

Perhaps one of the best new features of the site is the addition of a new page for Kids Games. With so many cool games for kids currently on the site, this is a strategic move to make users aware of their existence and set the stage for the new games to come later this year.

Take a minute to check out World of Free Games and keep your eyes open for all the new, free games to come. Plus, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or great ideas, we would love to hear your feedback. Please leave comments on our site.

Randi Kucala, Marketing Specialist, W3i, LLC
A proponent for Internet users, Randi endeavors to make every interaction with W3i’s sites a positive one. She specializes in copy writing and on-page SEO.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Longest Relationship of Your Life

David Krueger MD

You're writing a story that you may not know how to fully tell. It's a very personal story with its own history and language. It's highly visible to others but often not to you. As Loren Eiseley observed in The Unexpected Universe, "Reality has a way of hiding from even its most gifted observers."

It's a story that you talk about every day, think about several times a day. It is remarkably simple yet intricately complex. This story has an internal and external dialogue, a secret language, and encrypted messages.

It's complicated because some important aspects are emotional, unspoken, and even unconscious.

This story is about the longest relationship you'll have in your life. Your parents discussed it before you arrived; people will deliberate it after you die. Maybe you'll get ten years out of a car, perhaps fifty with a spouse, but this story you can never stop writing or living. You can't break up with it, run away from it, or coax into loving you more.

Even though it's unexamined and elusive--you orient life decisions around it.

When I spoke with a well-known self-help guru, his response was, "You know, Dave, I don't know how to tell this story to myself in order to know what to change." You alone determine the genre: fiction or nonfiction; tragedy or triumph. The story tells most about the teller.

This story ghostwrites every aspect of your life story. From what you eat and drink, to what you plan and play. Health, recreation, stresses—even the water you drink—are all impacted. At times you've used this story to regulate your moods, increase self-esteem, influence others, or to soothe emotional pains.

The villain or hero is the most popular legal substance to all people of the world.

It speaks to you. You speak with it.

It's your money.

Your money story is not your income, assets, expenses, or debt—it's your relationship with money. It's how you use money in storylines of what money means to you, says about you, and what you say with it.

And, how you live this story will be what you teach your children, your clients, your important others.
The Secret Language of Money (McGraw Hill) is a Business Bestseller—and now translated into 10 languages. Blog is at

Friday, September 24, 2010

UFOs 1973: Aliens Abductions and Extraordinary Sightings

By now do we really need any more proof that aliens exist? Still, there are die-hard skeptics who think people (like myself) who have actually witnessed strange spacecrafts or may have even been on board these UFOs and/or interacted with extra terrestrials simply have a wild imagination or too much alcohol on the brain. I've always been a believer and UFOs 1973: Aliens Abductions & Extraordinary Sightings just solidified my convictions.

Why 1973? It seems to have been a year chock full of historical events and plenty of UFO sightings. Fast forward to the present day and you find that historical events are taking place, as well as an increase in UFO sightings. Could there be a connection?

I enjoyed the fact that this was an uncensored and, to me, an unbiased film on UFOs and aliens. The filmmaker allowed the witnesses to tell their stories without being coached or cut. There's no hype to sway you one way or the other, you can make up your own mind. This makes it seem even more real...and I believe it is.

If you're looking for an unpolished (though not amateurish in the least) and completely REAL film on UFO encounters, this is it.

The Occult - The Truth Behind The Word

 The Occult: The Truth Behind the Word is an in-depth history and introduction to the occult.  Instead of making it seems spooky or evil, the film shows the viewer that occultism is nothing to be afraid of.  Throughout history there has been shamanism, ritual magick, and sacred practices that are still being practiced today.

The word “occult” simply means “beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding” but over the centuries it's become synonymous with satanic worship and black magick.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

I enjoyed the parts of this film that focused on L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley.  If you're new to the subject of the occult or just want to set some fearful naysayers straight, this is a solid film to do just that. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Egypt Exposed: The True Origins Of Civilization

What I liked about Egypt Exposed: The True Origins of Civilization was how excited Robert Bauval is in discussing his theories that he feels are facts.  He talks about how in the distant past (10,000+ years ago) were men who were geniuses just like Sir Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein, though those wise men of eons ago didn't have science as the more contemporary geniuses did/do.  Instead, they expressed themselves, their beliefs, their visions and theories through archeological structures (such as the Great Pyramids), and hieroglyphs that present day science can't fully interpret. 

Mr. Bauval goes into great depth exploring the links between the Orion Correlation and the pyramids, as well as many other theories about where human civilization "truly" began.  True or not, it was interesting to keep an open mind while watching this film and wonder, "What if?" 

I do wish there were more photos to explain what he talks about so it would be easier to comprehend as I'm a very visual person.  

Strange Is Normal: The Amazing Life Of Colin Wilson

I've always been a huge fan of Colin Wilson's work, especially his books on crimes and serial killers, so I was eager to watch this lengthy Strange Is Normal: The Amazing Life Of Colin Wilson interview with him. I wasn't disappointed! They talked of his writing life, how he became an even bigger success after writing The Occult, his near attempt at suicide, meeting Marilyn Monroe and much more.

What I found most fascinating about this interview was when he talked about Super Consciousness. He was driving along one day feeling that the world was so very plain and boring, when he suddenly reached this state of consciousness where everything seemed incredibly interesting and wonderful. He goes much more into depth on the subject, but now I've put in an order for his book Super Consciousness. I'd like to learn more about those moments of absolute clarity. Those ah-ha! Moments.

His publishing history is quite impressive and yet he's one of the most down-to-earth authors I've seen interviewed. As an author myself, if I'm only one-tenth as successful I'll consider it a victory.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alien Time Machine - Encounters From Another Dimension

Terry Le Riche Walters is interviewed about his story of having been in contact with extra terrestrials since he was a small child and was later made into a book My Orion Friends. As a child he had psychic visions of how other people felt and then when he was a teenager claims to have boarded a spaceship. I've watched a lot of films about people who claim to have been witnesses of UFOs, on board their ships, in constant contact with other beings, and so forth. Terry is different than many of them since he isn't afraid and considers them part of his higher, spiritual self. He doesn't pretend to know it all, only what he knows and has experienced. What someone else may know or experience may be different.

He feels that his psychic abilities tend to get in the way of his life at times and make it a bit embarrassing. He often keeps his mouth shut when he sees that someone is ill or about to die since he doesn't want to seem crazy.

Ultimately he talks about the time machine and how people who've used this time machine can choose to be observers or actual participants in the past (or future) but some met with death. There's actual footage of the time machine. I'm not sure if it would really work, but the idea of it is interesting nonetheless.

Buddha Wild - Monk In A Hut

Anna Wilding interviews several Buddhist monks, asking them why they became monks, about various Buddhist teachings, and their daily life. The hut is like a small cabin, complete with books and a computer! I never knew that some Buddhist monks were technologically savvy. Most monks have university degrees and travel a lot. Do monks really become more enlightened over the years? When Anna asked Abbot he said, "Just more understanding."

What I liked about this film is that it took the mystery and misunderstanding out of the life of a Buddhist monk and showed that they're simply people like all of us. They struggle, they have good days and bad, but they always strive to do better, learn more, and be happier. This should be the path that everyone follows.

Tales of the Dead

This DVD has a five short films. Think British-Indie-B-horror-movies. A group of friends each tell a different horror story, each declaring their tale of gore is even worse.

Less is More was particularly gruesome at the end as a woman who was always obsessed with being an amputee gets her wish. It made my stomach a bit queasy.

Wolf Cry was my favorite. A 19 year old wannabe filmmaker who lives in his head and sees everyone and everything around him as monsters and other scary creatures is forced by his single mother to do better in school and get a job. As this short story progresses he can't seem to control his imagination and everywhere he looks there are ghouls after him. In the end it has some deadly results! Since I tend to have a very vivid imagination I could really identify with this young man in some ways.

In the final part of the film, Cromwell's Curse, the group talks about a local haunted house and the curse centered on it. Is it all just fiction? Or could it be real? The group soon finds out...

CI Auto Quotes

If you drive a motor vehicle you need insurance.  But are you getting the best deal?  At CI Auto Quotes you can quickly and easily compare motor vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates from a wide range of companies so you can be sure you're getting the cheapest coverage possible.  Even if you're a student or have had some accidents, you can still get quality liability insurance at the lowest possible price. 

The website is easy to use.  All you need to do is type in your name, state, phone number, email address, and the make and model of your car.  You then click the "Quote" button and you'll be able to choose from many different insurance companies and find the type of motor vehicle coverage and rate that best fits your life and circumstances. 

Cooling Off

Guest post written by Tony Call

Well, I would say that I was glad that our air conditioner broke down at the end of the summer, instead of at the beginning or in the middle of it. But I'm not glad that it broke down at all and it was almost 100 degrees the day that we realized it was broken too!

We noticed it as soon as we got up one Tuesday morning a few weeks ago because it was so stuffy in the house. I had woken up during the night feeling kind of hot but thought it was just me. But when we realized that the problem was our A/C we called and got a new SEARS new air conditioner installed.

I was really relieved that they got it done so quickly because the next night was my turn to host poker night with the boys and I knew that we couldn't stand to play at the house if the A/C was broken. It wouldn't have been a big deal to host it at someone else's house but I didn't want to put anyone else or their families like that when they weren't expecting it at the last minute.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bigfoot Is Real!

I've been intrigued by Big Foot and his "kin" ever since I was a kid and watched In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy. This 2 disc set covers anything and everything the Big Foot lover could want. My review started getting too long, so I focused on three of the episodes:

Bigfooting in Oklahom

A woman named Esther is interviewed and she relays her stories of being "visited" by Big Foot from the age of 3 and up. At first she was scared to death, but over the years she became intrigued and even determined to prove that this creature is real. She takes out on the road to capture videos of others who have witnessed this creature and hopes to get a glimpse of the apelike animal on film. Bigfooting in Oklahoma is chock full of eyewitnesses and their stories.

Tales of the Honey Island swamp monster

Jay Michael relays the story of the Honey Island monster, a swamp-living beast and how he and Marlon Davis created the documentary. As they set out to film it they discovered that it was all a hoax Harlan Ford created. Claw-type feet were made and attached to a pair of shoes. The person then walked around the swamp to create these footprints. Were they disappointed? Perhaps, though they were also intrigued how someone could get away with this hoax for so many years. They feel they learned a lesson to not believe everything you hear. However, Jay still feels that there may be a Honey Island Swamp Monster, it's just that the "proof" was a hoax.

Swamp Apes

Did Bigfoot follow man across the Bering Strait? The film talks about the Phoenicians and the fact that they sailed and explored...and could have brought primates to America. Some of the primates may have started eating meat, walking upright, and becoming smarter within just a few generations. The documentary covers every question you could possibly ask about these big apes. Why don't we see them? Where could they have come from? And more.

The second disc, The Wildman of Kentucky is good too.

Real Ghosts UK: Ghosts Aren't Real - Think Again!

Since I'm a psychic counselor as well as a freelance writer, I'm very much into the paranormal and watch every new DVD that comes out on the subject. 

Real Ghosts UK is a three disc set.  The first disc, The Mermaid Inn, shows a psychic going through various rooms telling us what he sees then they interview workers who have experienced ghostly phenomena while at the Inn. The second half of the first disc was a seance in which the psychic showed the participants various energies and spirits.

The second disc, Scotland's Haunted Bunker, was mostly one long seance (or physical circle, as they call it) with various "Rossyln" tones being played in the background to invoke spirit energy. Although the seance itself is a bit interesting, it was hard to listen to several minutes of one, long tone. (Much like when the television goes off air for the night.) I'm sure for the participants it was eerie and interesting to partake in the sessions, but it was a bit monotonous for the viewer.

The third disc, The Guy Fawkes Inn, focuses on the psychic going around various rooms and doing a reading as to what he feels and sees. He then talks to various Inn workers to hear their stories and share what he experienced as well. This was my favorite disc out of the three. It's interesting to hear about the spirits that linger, what they may look like and how they seem to feel and interact with the living. Many of the spirits are stuck and some of the ghosts are simply residual energy leftover--much like a recording.

Birds Of Norfolk

I love birds and this DVD focuses mostly on various birds yet some other wildlife located in Norfolk (England). It's filmed beautifully, the narrator has a nice voice, and the background music is soothing and nice with a combination of classical symphony, guitar and piano. The scenes of the beaches filled with thousands of birds roosting is incredible!

The film takes you through all of the seasons and the many different birds and plants that abound in the areas of Norfolk, most are water fowl. It was interesting to see the difference between young birds and the adults--their various markings, colors, etc.

Many of the birds are endangered or quickly becoming so, but the film focuses on the fact that some of these feathered creatures are making a comeback due to the improvement in habitat. I had no idea there were so many types of birds in Norfolk! I don't think any were left out in this 90 minute video.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Advantage Home Rates

Think you can't get a home mortgage because you have bad credit?  Advantage Home Rates could help.  The website is full of information to help first time buyers make an educated decision whether to own their own home or rent and how much money you'll need for a down payment if you do decide to buy.  You may only need 3%

Years ago it was difficult enough to purchase a home, but now with the downturn in the economy it's even harder.  Those with good credit find it stressful to locate a company that can offer them a home loan, and those with bad credit often feel there's no hope of ever owning a home.  Advantage may be able to help those who are in a high-risk category to purchase the house of their dreams. 

Perhaps you already own your home but would like to refinance to pay off credit card debt or to get a lower interest rate so your monthly house payments are less.  Check out the many benefits Advantage has to offer, do your homework, then decide. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Football Food

Guest post written by Brenda Reed
I'm really good at cooking, but my passion is baking so I always make a lot of fun treats for my family when we go tailgating before college football games. Most of the time I make football shaped cupcakes or cookies decorating with icing in school colors.
My husband usually handles the food prep for the other food like hot dogs and handburgers while I take care of the desserts. That's staying the same this football season. I finally convinced my my sister to fly in from New York to come to go a good old ball game. But before she came I knew that I would have to make sure I was in tip top shape and representing myself well because she can play the older judgmental role pretty well.
So I went and bought a new outfit, got my hair done and bought some hearing aids Miracle Ear Baltimore MD so I wouldn't have to be asking her to repeat stuff all the time. What was really funny though was when she actually flew in for the game she told me about how she had just gone to Miracle Ear New York .
As for the game we won and she loved my football cupcakes.

Friday, September 10, 2010


How long have you had your current mattress?  Five years?  Ten years?  Can’t remember?  The fact is that most people never think about buying a new mattress until their current one is completely worn out and causing night after night of aches and pains and insomnia. 

At Create-A-Mattress you can get a queen-size memory foam mattress or a made-to-order mattress where you choose the materials, features, softness and more, for less than you thought possible.  They consistently sell mattress discounts for 20-40% less than mattress chains, furniture showrooms, and department stores.

If you’re going to get a new mattress, be sure it’s something that will last a long time and offer you years of comfort and restful sleep.  Check out and have them tailor-make a mattress just for you!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

MONDAY AT THE MOVIES: How to ride out your Recession Woes

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

MONDAY AT THE MOVIES: How to ride out your Recession Woes

By: Keshia White August 23, 2010 at 2:05 PM

There used to be a time when you could buy coffee for under a $1.00 and gas was only 55 cents per a gallon. From gasoline to groceries prices have gone up, and as consumers our pay checks will only let us “consume” so much. But rest assured- the entertainment option on your budget wheel doesn't have to shrink. If you do your research, trips to the movies can still be affordable.

For example in Northwest Indiana AMC Entertainment, recently acquired theatres that were once owned by Kerasotes Showplace. To encourage moviegoers to continue to frequent the shows, AMC now offers all the latest movies for $5- if you visit on weekdays Monday thru Thursday. Movie patrons can now view movies any time their schedules permit and still pay only $5.

Mondays which used to be dull and drab at my house are now exciting. We can wind down after work by seeing a new romantic comedy or drama. I'm not much for horror or sci- fi films but the teenager in my home never tires of being scared or jostled. My fiance suffers through all of the romantic comedies with me, and as a family we can now choose from any genre or new release because the price aligns with our budget.

So outside of the inflated prices of gasoline, for $15.00 every other week our family can reconnect and watch movies the way they should be watched- on a big screen with the smell of popcorn resonating throughout.
One note of caution for my fellow Hoosiers-remember safety never takes a break. Before I rush out to take advantage of these prices, I never forget to set my home security alarm prior to leaving for the movie theatre.

We found lawrence IN adt deals. While entertaining ourselves we have to keep in mind that some people like to “help themselves” to others peoples things - thus making our bargains their opportunities.

Data Graphics Inc Custom and Industrial Labels

Who makes the labels you see on your remote control, microwave and other appliances?  What about warning labels, sequential bar codes and metal photo nameplates?  Data Graphics Inc is a company that does all that and more.

When you think of labels you tend to think of the labels in your clothes or on the front of bottles and cans, but if you need a specific custom label and/or industrial labels, they can fill your order for you.  They can even provide custom labels to military specification for their equipment..  These labels can provide safety and warning instructions to military personnel about how to handle or operate the equipment. promises to exceed your expectations and deliver on time.  Contact them for all of your custom and industrial label needs.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

MetroMint Peppermint Water Review

Today I was given a free bottle of MetroMint Peppermint flavored water.  The only ingredients are purified water and mint.  Now, I love mint and one thing I do when I'm really hot and thirsty is to chew some peppermint gum then drink a bottle of cold water.  If anyone has done this, you know how cold that feels!  It's really refreshing. 

When I got this bottle of MetroMint I thought it sounded like a great idea.  I'm always into new diet and health products and this indeed seemed like a very healthy drink.  It's not sweetened and is supposed to taste super cool. Since there are no sweeteners it won't raise blood sugar or cause weight gain.  What a nice change from just plain water and iced green tea!  (I try to stay away from diet sodas since artificial sweeteners make me sick.)

I chilled it then took the bottle out of the fridge, opened it and took a big swallow.  I'll admit, I don't like MetroMint at all.  It tastes like water mixed with Milk of Magnesia.  The mint taste wasn't what I expected and I simply couldn't finish the bottle.  I dumped it down the sink.  Although a lot of people may like the water and mint taste, I didn't.   

Friday, September 3, 2010


If you enjoy going to see live music then you should check out  They have a huge list of arenas and stadiums all over the country.  For example, they offer tickets to events at Verizon Center, New Orleans Arena, Arco Arena, Staples Center, Rose Garden Arena, and many, many others.

The website is easy to navigate and contains all of the information you need to choose the perfect seat and area.  They also have phone numbers, layouts and maps.  The maps open up into a Google Map page so you can see the entire area (in case you need driving directions or just want to see if there's a restaurant or hotel nearby.)

They're touted as having the most comprehensive inventory of tickets online, and tickets are sent via FedEx.  Some of the current list of shows are Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, Leonard Cohen, No Doubt, and Neil Diamond (yes, he's still performing!)  There are many, many other tickets available for other shows as well.  And you can order from the comfort of your own home.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Free Help Online

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

There are many times that I get stuck with some of my homework and my parents aren't really able to help me. This used to be a big problem because I didn't have access to the internet. Since I got the internet, homework has been a lot easier. I am able to get free help by using CLEAR + DirecTV to go online. I just type my problem in any search engine and click search. With a little bit of research I am able to find help with my homework problems.

In fact, sometimes I am even able to check my work and make sure that it it is right. This surely brought my school grades up, knowing that I can now do and understand my homework. I am really glad that I can turn to the internet for help no matter what subject I need it in. If you are having problems with your homework and want to boost your homework grade, do a simple search online. You are sure to find the sources you need to help you out with your homework.

Blue Sky Scrubs - Designer Nursing Scrubs and Medical Scrubs

Gone are the days when medical personnel had to wear the same bland scrubs to work everyday.  Blue Sky Scrubs offers a wide variety of designs and two styles of scrubs for women and one style for men.  Whether you work in a doctor's office, dentist, or veterinarian, you'll find a design (or several!) that suit your line of work and personality since they offer 100 cotton scrubs and new designs are constantly being added.

You won't have to spend a lot of money either since they have cheap scrub uniforms that can fit most every budget, even in this bad economy.  Want to save even more money?  Check out their clearance scrubs section.