Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oceanside Dental Tampa, Florida

Nobody likes going to the dentist, period. The offices are often bleak, the waiting room boring, the fees sky-high, and forget about weekend appointments! The truth is, I only go when absolutely necessary--which isn't often enough. 

While visiting a friend in Florida, she told me about the dentist office she uses and how great they are. It had been awhile since my last checkup so I figured I'd give them a try. I'm glad I did!

Oceanside Dental in Tampa, Florida really has their patients' comfort in mind. Not only are they open evenings and weekends, but their prices are truly affordable. 

The wait time isn't very long, but even so they provide free wifi and even an iPad to borrow while you wait. They also offer a free exam and x-rays, and the dentist and staff are so friendly! 

It was above and beyond anything I've experienced in the past. The pain-free procedure surprised me. If more dental offices were like Oceanside Dental, people wouldn't hate  going to the dentist! 

Visit their website and make an appointment today! Oceanside Dental 
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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Truth which was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past by Klaus E. Berger

I've been a fan of the possibility of aliens having visited Earth's past ever since I read Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken back when I was thirteen years old. With the popularity of the show Ancient Aliens and many authors writing about extraterrestrials and other mysteries of the past, I read and watch everything I can. 

Recently I read Klaus E. Berger's book The Truth Which Was Kept From Us - Mysteries of the Past. I truly enjoyed this author's take on subjects like who the son's of God truly were, if extraterrestrials may have visited the Earth, and other "non-traditional" views of religion. 

The reader needs to be open-minded and allow Mr. Berger's take on these subjects to make you think more deeply and perhaps differently about what you think you already know. 

Some of the information in the book I had read about from other authors, but there's a lot more that this author covers that I'd not read before. I enjoyed his insight, his ponderings, and the fact that he's one of the brave few willing to question Christianity and say that most of Jesus' teachings have been kept secret. Definitely an interesting book!