Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Madness Of Sherlock Holmes

I'm a fan of Philip Gardiner since he will venture where most men fear to tread.  He explores and brings to life people, places, groups, and happenings that many of us wonder about but can't find enough information on or may have never thought about before.  This documentary is no different.  I've read a lot of Sherlock Holmes books and knew that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had an "odd" personality and life.  Mr. Gardiner introduced loads of information I wasn't even aware of.  In this film we follow Doyle from his time at a Catholic Jesuit school and into his interest into the occult and membership into secret societies. As with all Gardiner films, the amount of investigation he does is phenomenal and he shares it all with us, from well-known facts to curious speculation. 

Throughout The Madness of Sherlock Holmes we see many photos of the author and his life, which I found quite interest in and of themselves.  Yes, Doyle was eccentric, there's no doubt about it.  When you read a Sherlock Holmes book it's like taking a walk through the author's mind, and it does seem that Holmes and Watson are really both sides of the author himself.  Like most geniuses they're also plagued by madness, and Doyle is no exception.  This film was truly fascinating!   

Angels, Demons and Freemasons: The True Conspiracy

There's a Freemason Hall just a mile from where my BF lives and every time we pass by we wonder what sort of meetings and rituals may be going on.  I'd like to believe it's something really interesting or even a bit creepy, though it could be just a bunch of old guys sitting at a table playing poker.  I watched this film to get an inside view of what a Freemason Hall looks like and to learn some facts as to what it was all about.  They also take a look at other Secret Societies such as the Illuminati, as well as the New World Order.  What's not to love about Secret Society theories and information?  Unlike some other films that really bend the mind, this one was interesting and easy to grasp, there were even some humorous parts.  Anyone who's interested in learning more about these groups should definitely watch this film.  You won't be disappointed. 

God Kings: The Descendants Of Jesus

I enjoy genealogy and have traced my family roots back to the 1700's and am still working on going back even further. God Kings: The Descendants Of Jesus was really interesting, whether you're a fan of genealogy, history, or Jesus. Hugh Montgomery, a retired professor, talks about his work with tracing the lineage of Jesus back through the Norman Conquest. Like myself, Professor Montgomery enjoys genealogy and became interested in tracing Jesus's descendants when he was exploring his own family tree. In this film the theory is that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and their descendants live to this day. The whole lineage is explained clearly and, true or not, is interesting nonetheless. In fact, Professor Montgomery believes that his family is also a distant relative of Jesus! Good film with a lot of information to think about.

The Conspiracy To Rule The World: From 911 To The Illuminati

I really love conspiracy theory films and I watch quite a few of them.  Usually I'll watch a film while doing my work or cleaning house.  I have to admit though that The Conspiracy To Rule The World as so intriguing I stopped what I was doing and stayed glued to the TV screen the whole time.  Although I've heard a lot of information on what may or may not have "really" happened during 9/11, this film delves deeply into the proof behind it.  With interviews and photos, we are shown why many people believe our own US government staged this horrible event including kidnappings and uranium poisoning to keep eyewitnesses and insiders quiet. 

Why would we kill our own people?  Simple, it's a way to instill fear and obedience into the general public.  To take away our rights and freedom.  Anyone who's been through airport security since 9/11 knows the ridiculous screenings we go through.  (I don't even want to think about the full body scanners they'll soon be using.)  Is this really necessary?  Or simply a way to force us into more and more submission over time until they have complete control?  Think about it, the Holocaust didn't happen over night.  Instead, peoples' rights were slowly taken away until...well, we know the end result.  Okay, maybe that's a stark comparison, but after watching this film it reminds me to think for myself, keep an open mind, and don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. 

2012 An Awakening

Now that 2012 is fast-approaching, everyone is talking about and worrying about the Earth and our very lives.  Are humans doomed to die out just like the dinosaurs?  Can we save ourselves and the planet?  Several experts and best selling authors are interviewed for this film and they offer their own perspective on global warming, solar flares, the politics of environmental issues, science, and more.  So, are we going to die out or not?I seriously doubt it since we can look back on various periods of history and see that philosphers have always talked about the end of times.  But, one thing is for certain, we're in for some changes and probably big changes at that.  In fact, we can see that the world and our lives have been shifting more and more as the years pass, and it may all reach a pinnacle on 12/12/12.  Whether you believe everything these philosphers have to say or not, this film certainly makes you think and we need more films like this. 

Quantum Mind Of God

In this DVD we explore the Quantum Mind of God.  Talk about a film that makes you stretch your mind!  I was blown away again and again as the narrator discussed such topics as crystal energy, dark matter, and how our brain is like a mini-universe and so we are connected to the universe as a whole.  Wow!  I also love the background music which reminds me a lot of the CD Faerie Night Songs, classical tunes, and also chanting monks. I'll admit, not everyone will get this film if they're closed minded, but for those who live in possibility land filled with "What if?" then you'll find this to be an excellent video.  You can't help but walk away from Quantum Mind of God and not ponder your very existence and what lies beyond our own small world. 

Diary Of A Vampire

The way this DVD opened I expected it to be really cheesy, but I was pleasantly surprised.  This film is filled with lots of great scenes and photos, mostly focusing on Bram Stoker and the novel he spent 8 years gathering information for: Dracula.  Although Mr. Stoker wasn't the one who invented the idea of vampires, he's definitely the author who is synonymous with the name Dracula.  Because of his book, written over 100 years ago, people today are as hooked on vampires as they were a century ago.  Whether you find them intruiging or frightening--or a little of both--without Bram Stoker vampire lore may have faded into oblivion.  Diary of a Vampire also gets into occult secrets hidden in the works of authors such as Alexandre Dumas, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jules Verne.  This film is a must-see for anyone interested in vampires and their history, as well as Bram Stoker and how the novel Dracula came to be born. 

Seekers Guide To Harry Potter

In this DVD Dr Geo Trevarthan explores the world of Harry Potter that JK Rowling created, which is mostly a combination of paganism and Christianity.  Dr. Trevarthan's interest in Harry Potter began when she was going through a rough time in her life and she would read the novels over and over as an escape and comfort since she grew up in a pagan and shamanistic household.  She compares modern day Edinburgh with many of the locations in the HP novels, from the boarding schools to little shops where you can purchase many odd items.  Throughout the DVD the Dr. also shows us pagan rituals she practices in her home.  She also reads passages from various Harry Potter novels. 

Although the books are fantasy, the symbolism in them is universal.  Fights against good and evil, a regular person finding out he's something special, making sacrifices to achieve our goals and dreams, self-growth, letting go, learning to trust, and believing in something beyond ourselves.  The books are filled with mythology, numerology, even the periodic table!  That really intrigued me.  At the core of these books though we can all learn something about ourselves and humanity as a whole.  Although it did drag a bit here and there as the host walked around and stared off into the distance quite often, I found this film to be very interesting, whether you're a Harry Potter fan or not.

Secret Societies

You always hear about "secret societies" and probably wonder what goes on behind closed doors.  Is it strange rituals so odd that they must be hidden from the rest of the world, or simply exlusive "clubs" intended only for a chosen few?  This one hour DVD by Philip Gardiner packs in a lot of information about secret societies and their history.  It's like having a backstage pass to witness the goings on of the Freemasons and Illuminati.  If you're thinking "The Da Vinci Code" then think again.  Even those who think they may know a lot about these groups will be surprised at the evidence and information presented in this film.   Even if you don't agree with everything Mr. Gardiner reveals, it's certainly interesting and he leaves no stone unturned. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Horizon Resort - Ocean Front Myrtle Beach Hotel

It's that time of the year when the weather is cooling down and I'm thinking about taking a vacation in Myrtle Beach. If you've never been to Myrtle Beach it can be overwhelming finding a nice place to stay, especially when you'd like to play a few rounds of golf in between seeing sites and enjoying the nice restaurants.

My choice is to stay at a resort since it's like an all-in-one package. One place I'm definitely checking out is They have ocean front rooms and are definitely on my list of Myrtle beach best hotels. Their website is really informative and you can look around and make reservations right from the comfort of your own home.

Currently I'm looking at their package deals and am thinking of going around Thanksgiving. Why cook and clean and slave away at home when you can enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner, stay in a luxury room, and golf to your heart's content? is probably going to be my choice for a Myrtle Beach hotel.

Playing Tennis For Fun

Guest post from: Kent Lara

If you are competitive person, you may want to try the game of tennis on for size. It is a very fun game that can acutally be very addicting to play.

I love to play this game. There are many reasons why I like to do this. One, it gets me out of the house. After work, I love to put on my athletic clothes and play a few sets of tennis for stress relief. Tennis really gets my blood moving after putting hour after hour in at the office.

Another reason to play is that I get to go out with my favorite tennis partner, my wife of fourteen years. She is a very good tennis player, and was the best on her tennis team in high school. Needless to say, she beats me on occasion and that is very hard to swallow. But, she is good, so she deserves every win.

I love to play anywhere there is a court. The local high school is usually full on nice days so it is hard to find one. But, when I do, I am there for a few hours of fun. Before I go though, I set my ALLHOMESECURITY alarm to keep my home safe from intruders.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Since 1910: Wedding, Engagement and Eternity Rings

Women love jewelry, there's no doubt about it.  If you really want to wow her and choose from a variety of beautiful diamond engagement rings then check out  This company has been around for 100 years and has some of the most beautiful diamond eternity rings.  Actually, all of their rings are gorgeous.  What a wonderful way to propose to her or say, "I love you" all over again?

If you're looking for a particular ring they have a list of at least a dozen bridal designers, or engagement rings design your own.  Yes, you can create a one-of-a-kind ring for the woman you love.

Want to save some money yet still purchase high-quality jewelry?  Check out their pre-owned jewelry section and pay less than you would if buying new.

Even if you aren't in the market for something as intimate as a wedding or engagement ring, Since1910 offers a nice selection of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and even men's jewelry.  Ladies, your guy would probably love to show off a luxury watch or cuff links you bought him for Christmas, his birthday or your anniversary.

Since1910 is a 5th generation, family owned business founded in 1910 in New York.  They've been in business for a century and really know their stuff when it comes to selling quality jewelry.  They offer free Fed Ex shipping, 30 day returns, and 100% risk-free shopping.  You can buy with confidence. 

Jewelry is a gift that lasts forever, and will truly be appreciated.  Consider it an investment in your relationship.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free Halloween Screensavers Recapture Traditional Halloween Fear Factor

By Randi Kucala

It is hard to believe that Halloween actually began in the U.S. as an autumn harvest festival and celebration of the Celtic New Year. For the Celts, October 31 was the beginning of their new year; a time when the harvest was complete and nature was going into a season of death and darkness. This was the night when Samhain, lord of the dead, would let loose the spirits of the dead upon the world. These souls, trapped in the bodies of animals upon death, were free to roam, and not all of them were friendly. Some accounts of the Halloween tradition claim that the Celts believed these evil spirits could claim a new body on this night when the veil to the Otherworld was crossable. In their terror of possession by an evil spirit, they set out treats and took steps to ward off these wicked wraiths.

As new immigrants and varying religions made their way onto American soil, Halloween lost much of its original horror and evolved into the less terrifying, kid-friendly version we see today. However, many of the original references to creepy and sinister creatures such as witches, ghosts, and ghouls still pervade the holiday.

This time of year, there are tons of people who thrill over being scared. These fear fanatics really get in to the Halloween spirit and try to keep the traditional Celtic fear factor alive. That is why two of the free Halloween screensavers at have been so popular throughout the years.

Halloween Screensaver is a chilling 3D animated graveyard complete with the sounds of pouring rain, crackling lightning, and owls hooting in the distance. The menacing dark clouds, swarming bats, and floating apparitions are ominous enough, but the blood red faces that scream and fly at you are terrifying.

Haunted House Screensaver tells the tale of the haunted Garrison home and the horrifying happenings that occurred there. Attic, bedroom, graveyard, basement, and other haunting scenes are truly disturbing. Spooky church bells ring and doors creak while macabre blood drips, lights flash, and threatening red eyes glow in dark corners. The sounds, story, and animations are spectacularly spine-tingling.

Bright Now! Dental

What do you do if you chip a tooth, have a cavity that's driving you through the wall, or just want your teeth whitened but you don't have dental insurance? You probably think you need a heavily padded wallet or fat bank account before you can even walk through the door to get dental care. Well, you don't! has over 300 dental affiliates in various states. I typed in my zip code and found several within a ten mile radius. Yes, they have BrightNow offices in many other states as well! Some offices even have weekend, after hour and emergency appointments available. With their ConfiDent discount dental insurance program California residents can save a significant amount on dental services for only $40 a year. If you haven't had a checkup in awhile or need some work done, don't put it off any longer. Stop by and schedule an appointment today!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Best Part Of Fall

Guest post written by Thomas Hansen

Summer is my favorite season because I'm always out of school and have a bunch of free time to hang out with my girlfriend and sleep in late. But once fall rolls around, there is one thing that I really look forward to, the county fair.

I was talking to my girlfriend on Facebook chat with my Clearwire Wimax 4g and we were making plans about going to the fair together last week when I found a food blog talking about all the different kinds of food that they were having at county and state fairs all across the country this year. That got my girlfriend really excited about going because she loves all kinds of junk food.

When we finally got to the county fair , I think that we spent a whole lot more money on the food than we did on the tickets just to get in the fair or to get on the fair rides. But I think it was worth it because our deep fried pickles were delicious.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wild Coyotes Living The City Life

Wild Coyotes Living The City Life

By Rosemary Cisneros

All across America coyotes are pushing their way into the big cities. Where before they could be seen only in the wild or more rural areas, now they're spotted from posh Beverly Hills to humble Tucson. Why are they moving into the cities and what can we do about it?

We're On Their Turf

As much as people would like to believe otherwise, wild animals were here long before we were. We're actually the ones who forced them out while we built our towns and roads, and they sought shelter in whatever wild areas were left and in the mountains.

A six-year study done by Ohio State University that radio-collared almost 200 coyotes in the Chicago area showed that coyotes that were born in the city actually preferred living in the urban areas rather than more rural sections. So, it seems it's not really a matter of them being forced out of their homes, they're simply moving back where they feel they belong.

Why The City?

As previously mentioned, coyotes can make themselves feel at home wherever they're born, so pups who grew up living a city life will naturally feel that it's the only place for them. Paul Krausman, a biologist at the University of Arizona stated that, “Coyotes are one of the most adaptable species on the face of the Earth.” Big cities have everything a coyote would need to survive such as a lack of predators (besides humans), plenty of food in the form of garbage that people throw away, and a good supply of water. When it comes to survival, city life is probably a lot easier than living in the wild.

Are Coyotes Dangerous?

Although a lot of people get nervous when they hear coyotes yelp and howl in the middle of the night or see them casually trot across their neighborhood streets, there's really no reason to be afraid. Mother coyotes teach their young to stay away from people, so they'll rarely attack a human. Your pets, however, might not be so safe.

Getting Rid Of The Problem

No wild animal should be considered a “problem” though it's wise to take precautions to keep your pets and smaller children safe. Some coyote safety tips are:
  • Keep your pets and their food inside. Small dogs, cats, and their bowls of food are prime targets for a hungry coyote.
  • Obey the leash law and keep your dog on a leash when walking it. Dogs are known to run off and can quickly become an easy snack for a coyote.
  • Don't overly fill trashcans. Along with causing a mess due to tipped over trashcans, the coyotes will get used to rummaging around your home at night looking for a free meal.
  • Don't purposely feed coyotes since this takes away their natural instinct to hunt for their own food.
  • Avoid having birdbaths or other containers of water in your yard that coyotes can drink from.
  • Ignore coyotes when you see them. If they get used to humans they'll be less afraid and become bolder in their hunt for food and water.
People and coyotes can be friendly neighbors if we remember the fact that they're wild animals and should be treated with respect. By taking precautions that won't inadvertently lure these wild dogs to your property and by observing a few other commonsense tactics you and your family will be safe, and humans and coyotes can live together in peace and harmony.


National Wildlife Association – “Coyotes Living Large In The City.” 1/06/10
Tucson Citizen –, “Coyote On The Prowl For Tucson Pets.” 2/23/10

Saturday, October 16, 2010


By: Liberty Kontranowski

Teen fiction is one of the hottest genres out there. Even bona fide best selling authors of adult fiction are dabbling in the teen arena. And, why not? Aside from the ages of the characters, there are a lot of similarities between adult and teen fiction. Which is why you’ll often see a crossover in readership.

If you’re a “grown-up” who simply can’t envision yourself reading teen books, might I suggest THE HUNGER GAMES, by Suzanne Collins, and the subsequential books in the series, CATCHING FIRE and MOCKINGJAY.

Told with a vivid candor, all three of these books relate the dark tale of a teenaged girl living in a post-apocalyptic world. When Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take the place of her 12-year-old sister in The Hunger Games, a televised fight-to-the-death “reality show” held in a dangerous arena, her life changes forever.

Action-packed, violent and impeccably paced, these novels surprise the reader at every turn. If you have a weak stomach, be advised. These tales are very visual in their context and no detail is left untold.

With the underlying themes of first love, commitment, friendship and finding oneself, this trilogy does a fantastic job capturing human nature at its rawest. There is also heavy use of a political theme, which keeps adult characters in the mix at all times. We all know that where there are teens and adults interacting, there is bound to be plenty of conflict.

While I’m not normally a huge fan of dark science fiction, I could not put these books down for anything. Several nights of compromised sleep (both from the hours spent reading and from the non-stop thinking about these stories and their characters) were my end result for giving THE HUNGER GAMES a shot. I must say, it was all totally worth it.

With the movie rights to THE HUNGER GAMES having been sold to LionsGate, now is the time to read all three books. Create Katniss’ world in your own mind, then see what the Hollywood types produce for us. Either way, I promise you’ll be entertained.


Liberty Kontranowski is a freelance writer and guest blogger for, which covers current health & wellness news in their blog. Customers can also purchase prescription medications online in the convenience of their own home or office.

Carpet cleaning that's worth it!

Image Cleaning Systems is an Orem-based carpet cleaning service that actually does the job right, so I want to let you guys know about it.

Here’s the deal: this guy just got frustrated with shoddy workmanship, so he started up his own gig. He wanted to do the job right, so now he does it himself. Here are a few tips I picked up about carpet cleaning from this guy.

My wife and I have a few nephews still in diapers, so sometimes spit-up can be a bit of a concern. Have you ever tried to get that stuff out of your carpet? Not fun. Even when you think you’ve got it taken care of, they can magically reappear. After one event of particular violent spit-up, we had a mess to clean up and a welcoming party for our new apartment in a couple days. Our friendly Orem carpet cleaner couldn’t make it out for a day or two because he had that many appointments, so here’s what we tried until he could show up:

The supplies:

·         Baking soda
·         Club soda
·         Washrags
·         Water
·         Spray bottle
·         Detergent or OxyClean
·         Old toothbrush

The method:

We toweled up everything we could first (thanks, Quicker Picker Upper). If you have a spectacular carpet and want to make sure all traces of chunkiness is gone, use that old toothbrush. Our carpet is lame and we needed the apartment carpets cleaned, anyway (lame landlord), so we figured the towel did the job.

Then we put down a layer of baking soda right over the offending area. Then (after a trip to the grocery store for club soda and a spray bottle), we sprayed club soda over the baking soda. The result? Alka-Seltzer on our bedroom floor.

The problem with cleaning stains out of the carpet yourself is that most people have a tendency to rub their carpet thin. When you scrub the carpet, you tear at its backing until you’ve nearly compromised that area of the carpet. Now instead of preserving the look of the carpet, you’ve actually worn it out. With that being said, my wife and I used wash rags and DABBED the area until we got the soda out.

It looked great, but we knew these stains had a tendency to come back. Some people use OxyClean for this part, but we’re poor, so laundry detergent was our way to go. We mixed a capful of detergent into a gallon of water and started applying. It’s just like a concentrated wash in the washer machine, minus the machine.

If you’ve got to soak the heck out of your carpet just to make yourself feel better, I can’t stop you. Soaking the backing weakens the glue, though, so make sure you have a wet/dry vac if you get over-zealous. Let the concoction stand for a couple of hours and get it out with towels (and/or your wet/dry vac). The stain was gone for our party, and the Orem carpet cleaner (also found on Google as a Provo carpet cleaner) came later and did an astounding job at a stellar price on the rest of the apartment.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Silver & Grace Online Magazine for Women Over Forty

Coffee klatsch - a casual social gathering for coffee and conversation

Most of the women in my mother's generation did not work outside of the house, but they had a definite support system amongst themselves. The coffee klatsch. They would gather in someone's kitchen, drink coffee or tea, and converse. Converse about children, husbands, and their own changing bodies, minds, and spirits.

In this era of double income families, chauffeuring children to extra-curricular activities, and taking care of our aging parents, there is little time or energy left for socializing. The coffee klatsch is becoming a thing of the past, and with it the support system women had in place for each other.

Enter Silver & Grace. I started Silver & Grace as a blog because I wanted to face the changes associated with perimenopause and menopause with informed grace. Soon, women were joining in, sharing their challenges, joys, and wisdom. A community was forming. In fact, a regular coffee klatsch was taking place. Not at a single table, but from tables all over the world.

Recently, Silver & Grace has matured from blog to online magazine. The coffee klatsch is still very much there, but with more diverse perspectives from a wonderful team of writers. All the articles are geared to women over forty, and cover the following topics: Relationship; Health & Wellness; Business & Careers; Fashion & Style; Technology; Travel.

Silver & Grace is completely free, with articles posted Monday through Friday. No sign up involved. Just show up at, coffee mug in hand. There is also a free monthly newsletter with additional articles on aging gracefully, exercises to enhance your spiritual well-being, thoughts on aging from our writers, as well as discounts and promotions only available to subscribers. You can sign up at

I love this 'crone stage' of life, but it is not without its challenges. Silver & Grace is all about community, support and sharing. It is the ultimate coffee klatsch.

Bio: Eliza Fayle is founder and editor of Silver & Grace. She is passionate about embracing the crone stage of life, and it is her mission to guide graceful women into beautiful aging.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cincinnati Reds

I live in Pittsburgh and there is only one time when I like to go to the Pittsburgh Pirates home, PNC Park. It is when the Cincinnati Reds are in town. Thankfully it happens a few times a year, and it's easy to get tickets to those games. I have been a Reds fan since I was knee high to my father and uncles. It's just what I grew up knowing. I especially like it when they come to town during a weekend where my dad and some his brothers can come spend a few days with me. There is nothing better than hosting a weekend to the very family members who taught me to appreciate the Reds the way they do.

My favorite players are Bronson Arroyo and Corky Miller, so I never miss a chance to see them play in person when I can. Even though I have to sit with Pirates fans, they are very good-natured about the teasing I usually give them. On the rare occasion, they can even give it back when their team is up! Regardless, it is a good atmosphere and we all end up having a great time.

I have a satellite TV from bestchoicetv and a big screen television, so when I can't go to the games, I enjoy watching them in my den. It's just very relaxing and I hope to teach my kids the same appreciation for the team that I was taught.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mixing work with pleasure in Mexico

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

Who says business and pleasure can't mix? For the most part, I enjoy traveling, whether it may be to other cities within the USA or cities in Latin America. As a bilingual Californian who lives on the US - Mexico border I frequently am asked by my boss to head south of the border for meetings with Mexican clients. The company I work for has a pretty straightforward mission. Basically we work closely with Mexican and Costa Rican citizens to build and upkeep rental properties so that foreign tourists can enjoy the exotic culture and environment of these two countries.

Personally, I love spending time overseas. I'm usually sent to these countries for 2 weeks. While overseas I have a pretty simple work routine. I'm basically free to roam whatever city I have been assigned to, as long as I keep in contact with the foreign clients so that they can call me in at any time to meet with them, or help them out with something.

In my spare time I pretty much just sample the wonderful local foods, and brush up on the country's history. Many people criticize a transient lifestyle like mine, but I don't mind it. I am looking forward to the next time I can throw my gear in the suitcase, set my home security system and hit the road.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Can't Wait For New Fall Shows!

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

Well it's almost that time again and I have to be honest and say that I simply can't wait to see the series premiere of Mike & Molly on CBS! This is definitely going to be a must watch on the channels that cable tv offers around California. This show looks like it is going to be absolutely hilarious too. I know that the two main stars of the sitcom are Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy, but I'm not sure who else will be in the show. For what I've seen, these two actors seem to have a good chemistry so it will be a lot of fun to see what kind of a relationship transpires.

From the commercials that I've seen so far, it looks really cute. Apparently, the whole show takes place in Chicago and this cop and school teacher both go to the same Overeaters Annonymous meeting. While at the meeting, they end up sparking up a conversation and become friends. While they are getting to know each other better they have to put up with the unwanted opinions of their friends and family members, as well as Mike police partner. As with any sitcom, the rest is history.

I hope that the show ends up being as good as I think it will be. I definitely know I will be glued to the television on September 20th!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

5 Tips on Nurturing Your Child’s Spiritual Development

1. As a part of the early introduction and orientation to a child’s chosen faith, a discussion on the existence of children of other faiths, and why they should not be feared nor dominated, but simply respected, should be had.

PURPOSE: This investment at an early age will mitigate the confusion and possible fears that may occur when the child unexpectedly and abruptly comes face-to-face with a child of another faith. This orientation will have to come at some point, and an effort on the part of the parents enables some modicum of control over how this message is conveyed.

2. As a normal course of ‘after school conversation,’ probe the child to see if there are any children in their classes that they are slightly uncomfortable with, or have questions of. Whether this leads to a discussion of spiritual diversity, or simply the possibility of a bully or other like situation, the end result is only positive.

PURPOSE: To proactively assist your child in the orientation to children of other faiths and other differences in general.

3. In the formative years of pre-k, participate in reading children’s stories that use the ‘meeting a strange character’ as their plot, and talk about it with the child as you read through the story. Pose questions such as, ‘have you ever met someone that seemed strange at first, but once you got to know him…’

PURPOSE: This type of conversation lays the foundation for a discussion on spiritual diversity at a later age. At this point, you are simply teaching the lessons of respect and understanding, life-long principles that are timeless.

4. Advance the premise of # 3 to reading stories that actually do touch on spiritual diversity. This may be a bit self serving in that the only entity that we are aware of that has attempted to broach this subject in this manner is Little Lamb Properties.

PURPOSE: This is simple the process of maturing the spiritual development of the child as they start putting form and shape to children of   other faiths.

5. When the time is right, and IF the child shows an interest and aptitude – and only you, the parent can decide this – a discussion and overview of the major faiths in the world may be appropriate. In the process, a discussion of why the parents have chosen the faith that they have will come to light. It is suggested that this conversation may be more appropriate in a group session led by someone who has some familiarity with the subject.

PURPOSE: To develop the child’s appreciation and identification with their own faith, while continuing and solidifying the message of spiritual respect and compassion for children of other faiths.


This guest post was written by Randy Nash, father and co-founder of Little Lamb Properties, LLC.

Little Lamb Properties, LLC and its New Spiritual Child Development™ program provides an avenue to introduce your child to the existence of other faiths in ways that foster respect and understanding. Scripture and beliefs unique to any one religion are left at the door. One way this is accomplished is through a series of fun-loving media characters of multiple faiths that behave and interact like children – they laugh, they live and they love their pals without prejudice or fear. Website: