Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Driving Toward Disaster: The Story Thus Far by Ron Foster - Review

I often think about how a pandemic would affect everyday life. If it got really bad it makes you wonder if you'd rather be one who succumbed to the disease or survived it yet had to live in a world of chaos and martial law. In Driving Towards Disaster: The Story Thus Far Ron Foster paints a very realistic picture of what would happen if the U.S. was faced with a pandemic and, to make matters worse, a deadly hurricane! What makes Ron Foster's book different from other "worst case scenario" or survival books like this is that it's from the viewpoint of a responder. Imagine having to be the one to be a first responder to such utter devastation. Yet through it all the author gives us hope and tosses in a satisfying amount of wit as well. As with all of Mr. Foster's books the reader will also learn a whole lot about survival.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Prepper Prepares For Christmas by Ron Foster Review

The Preppers are back and preparing for a long winter...and Christmas. Wow, I can't imagine what the holidays would be like if we got to a point of "the end of the world as we know it." Christmas is usually a time of joy, gluttony, gifts, friends, and family. But what would you do if the carpet was pulled out from under you and nothing was the same? The Preppers have a hard enough time surviving during the warmer months (though they always manage to pull through) so how will they survive the bitter cold? Not only do they find ways to feed themselves and stay warm and safe, but A Prepper Prepares For Christmas:The Prepper Saga volume 2 is a message to us all. We should focus on what truly matters--those we care about and life in general. It's not how much you have but how much you give. This particular volume in the Prepper series left me feeling philosophical and I truly enjoy what I have in my life much more!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Prepper Road Saga: Our End Of The Lake Revisited by Ron Foster

Since I've begun reading Ron Foster's Preppers series, I haven't looked at life the same way since. What used to be seen as "must-haves" in my life are now viewed as only perks to living a relatively low-stress life. I can live without them if need be. What used to be seen as junk or trash, is now viewed with the eye of a prepper. Someone who fully intends to survive if there's ever a global catastrophe or breakdown of society. It's like adopting a MacGyver attitude. Plastic bags, cans, tubes, tarps, and other things we often toss out in the garbage can actually come in handy when you're trying to survive.

This book not only covers more methods of how to find food, water, shelter and protection during a worldwide cataclysm, but we get to meet the characters up close and personal. As with all of the author's books, he combines humor, adventure, and helpful hints. As a lover of nonfiction books, I find it to be a perfect blend. So what's the author trying to get across in the Prepper series? That as long as you're alive there's hope, so never, ever give up! 
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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Light In The Lake (Prepper Trilogies) by Ron Foster Review

Now that the survivors have found shelter you'd think they could relax a bit, but that wouldn't be wise. There are others who'd love to force them out of their cabins and steal their food and ammo. The bottom line is, when there's a breakdown of society you never let your guard down. Only the strong survive!

In this installment of the Prepper Trilogies we still get loads of survival information mingled in with a nice storyline that's often humorous. Yes, even if you're spending your days and nights merely trying to survive, you've got to keep your sense of humor! Can these preppers not only survive, but thrive and build a new society? Will it be anything like that of the past or something brand new? I was satisfied with the results and enjoy the vision of this author. Hey, it "could" be our future too! Ron Foster's books will teach you a thing or two so you'll be well ahead of the rest.  
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