Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hulu Plus Review

Hulu Plus LogoImage by Geek Tonic via FlickrI was excited when Hulu Plus came out and I opted in right away. It's less than $10 per month and I got it directly through my PS3 (just like with Netflix.)  They boasted loads of TV shows and movies, though I wasn't really interested in the trailers and clips. I wanted full episodes and the complete series. Having more movies to choose from was good too.

When I first signed into my account I was really happy. I found shows from way back like Adam 12, Night Gallery, Emergency, and many others. The movies? I didn't like any of them. 99% of them seemed like low budget HBO specials with an occasional box office movie here and there. No worries though, I was more interested in the TV shows.

I was hoping to see newer things, like Hoarders, but they only had some clips. Still, I enjoy older shows so remained hopeful. A month went by and not much new was added. Another month, another month. Still not many new shows were added to the bunch. I was starting to get disappointed, but not ready to give up just yet.

One thing that I found really annoying was the fact that it started to freeze all the time. I'd watch one episode and it would freeze a bit here and there but start back up. Then into the second episode of a show it would just stay frozen and I'd have to exit out of Hulu. Even if I signed out then back in, turned off my device then back on, nothing would work. I NEVER have that problem with Netflix.

It got to be so frustrating and pointless that I just canceled my membership. The fact that the movies are horrible (in my opinion), and they don't add many new shows each month really turned me off. Besides, I noticed that Netflix is starting to get more TV shows like Scrubs, Roseanne and others. At only $7.99 a month I'm sticking with Netflix. Maybe I'll give Hulu Plus another try in a year or so once all the bugs are worked our and they have more shows and better movies.

In this bad economy you need to count your pennies so don't waste it on something that doesn't deliver full value.

Do you have Hulu Plus or have you tried it? If so, what's your opinion? Maybe you had a better experience than I did.

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  1. I agree 100% I am very disappointed with hulu plus. Netflix offers better movie selection and does not freeze up all the time. I also agree hulu plus has a lot of good old tv shows. I am going to keep watching kojak until my trial membership expires.

  2. I recently cancelled my cable, so I thought I would check out a one-month trial of Hulu Plus, and so far I'm not very impressed either. My main gripe is the number of times I've excitedly clicked to subscribe to a show just to find that there are only clips and no full episodes available. On top of that, I'm stumbling upon more and more "Web Only" shows that will not stream on my PS3. The more I sort through the actual, FULL content that's available on all platforms, the more it looks like most of their shows are streamable on the networks' web sites or Netflix. Plus, I tried watching an SNL clip last night and experienced the same freezing issues to mentioned.

    The library of Criterion movies is really alluring, but I'm not sure if it's enough to keep me on board. After all, I can always just rent the discs from Netflix.

  3. I tried Hulu Plus for two months, mostly because regular Hulu won't work on an iPad. So once I subscribe I found that some of the shows the Outer Limits stll aren't available for the iPad even with Hulu Plus.

    The other annoying thing us that there are just as many commercials on Hulu Plus as there are on regular Hulu so why am I paying $7.99 per month again?

    The selcetion of movies is terrible, most of which I've never even heard of. In comparison for the same amount of money Netflux has way better movies, more recent TV shows, everything works on he iPad and no commercials. Both have a one month free deal so try them both but I think you'll see hat Netflix is the better choice.

  4. Thank you all for your opinions on Hulu Plus! I have been seriously considering signing up, since I've had Netflix for quite some time, and really enjoy it. I figured between Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon's library and shows you can stream from the network sites, I may actually be able to cancel my expensive cable subscription! At least y'all saved me the $$ and headache, as I won't be trying Hulu Plus now! lol

  5. Huluplus I get for a month once a year since HuluAdded Plus Im sorry to see VEOM IMHO it was best but now you need MPLAYER no not the good one but ilivid(pushy untrustworthy )and its not worth ikt but free DocumentAries an d good flicks at the LibraryofCongress I cant believe it never even occured to me theres plenty good sites its easier to pay but a little work is worth it ,this is a good blog to see whats good