Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Osiris Sneakers Review

In my younger years I was a skater.  In fact, back in the 70’s I was the only girl for many miles around who rode a skateboard.  I never went anywhere without it!  To this day I still wear skating shoes.  Though they’ve changed a bit from the Vans I grew up with, they’re still very cool looking and actually comfortable.  Anyone who skates knows that quality is important.  Skating shoes wear out fast if you get a low quality brand.  In fact, any sport will wear out a pair of bad shoes quickly.

While looking around online for a new pair of shoes I came across Osiris shoes on  They offer their shoes all over—ebay, Endless, Zappos, etc.—and have a huge variety to choose from. Whether you skate, play basketball, run, or simply want great looking sneakers, they have something to fit just about every taste and budget.

Their deals are fabulous as well, with prices up to half off what you would normally spend at the mall.  I'm thinking about getting their Osiris Uptown sneakers in a houndstooth pattern.  If you’re looking for durable sneakers in a wide range of colors and styles, check out Osiris.