Friday, July 30, 2010

Guardian Insurance

I’m getting to an age where grand-kids should be on the way soon, which makes me think I should look into getting life insurance.  I know what it’s like to be left behind to take care of expenses when a loved one has no coverage.  My mother-in-law passed away several years ago and we were stuck with paying out of our pockets.  The average funeral costs about $3,000.  Yikes!  But where can you find cheap funeral insurance?

Guardian Insurance not only offers funeral insurance, but also life insurance and accident and illness insurance.  This last type of insurance is especially beneficial in today’s economy.  They’ll cover up to 75% of your monthly pre-tax income if you should be out of work due to sickness or injury. 

You can talk with a representative and get more information on affordable life insurance or any of the other insurance coverages they offer.  Do you prefer to read about it on your own?  With a click of a button you can have printed information sent directly to your mailbox.

It makes sense to cover yourself in case of illness, accident, or even death, that way you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to you, your loved ones and obligations will be taken care of. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guide To Learn Astral Projection

I loved this Squidoo lens on Astral Travel and found it incredibly interesting and helpful.  As a professional psychic I'm always trying to help my clients overcome their problems, worries, fears, and obstacles.  We all have the answers inside us but don't always know how to tap into that wiser part of ourselves.
If you've never tried Astral Projection then you're missing out on a fabulous way to expand your mind and creativity, as well as solving problems.  You can even meet deceased loved ones during an Out of Body Experience.  I've tried doing OBE (Astral Travel) many times before and it does take time, patience and practice, but it's worth the effort!  Your life will never be the same.  This is one of the best Squidoo lenses I've found on Astral Travel

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hive Media - Web Design and Development

I was just visiting Hive Media and looking around their site.  For one, I have to say that I spent quite some time looking over their illustrations and graphic designs.  The work their artists do is incredible!  While poking around a bit more I found that they also do web design, voice overs, game development, apparel design, music composition and more.  Wow!  

Their client list is also impressive, such as Berserk Entertainment, California State University Long Beach, Hard Rock CafĂ©, and others.  But don’t let that deter you if you have a smaller business, Hive Media can do projects of any size.  When you need professional results don’t waste time and money on a company that doesn’t have a solid track record.  Their work is incredibly impressive! 

Since I do radio shows I’m going to look into some voice overs.  Plus I think I’ll peruse their great artwork again while I’m browsing the site.  ;-)