Monday, July 6, 2009

Review of Can't Find the Willpower by Dr. Lew Hamburger

Dr. Lew Hamburger has written a book so full of insight and humor, it should be supplied with every human being upon their emergence into this world. Although he counseled clients for many years, he believes that therapy is overrated and that all knowledge to succeed in life and overcome difficulties lies within us all—if only we could find the willpower. More often than not it’s fear that holds us back.

Each chapter starts with a question or short statement to get the reader thinking such as, what kind of person do you wan to be? And, how can I see this mess differently? Not your typical self-help book where the author shells out advice page after page until you’ve lost sight of why you started reading in the first place, this author gets down to the core of why we humans do the things we do and why we don’t usually do a darn thing to change it. He then provides action steps to overcoming any problem you’re currently facing such as:

Identifying: What you want,
Prioritizing: Narrowing tasks to the most important to do right now,
Eliminating distractions: Thinking only about the most important issue on your mind, how you plan to handle it, what your target is, and then taking action.

In the final chapter he sums everything up, offering tried and true ways to overcome any problem, crisis, or indecision you may face in life.

He peppers this short book with true-life examples, personal experience, and warm advice that can only come from someone who has been there, done it, and learned from it. Reading Dr. Hamburger’s book is like having a family friend holding your hand as you venture forth on paths that may not be easy or comfortable. With his help, you find that life isn’t as serious or complicated as we often make it, and the decision to be a happy, healthy, fun-loving person is quite easy…once you find the willpower.

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