Friday, March 5, 2010

Dish Network Review

I’ve had the Dish Network for about a year now. The reason I switched from cable to the dish was the price. I was paying more than $60 a month for cable but needed to reduce my spending so I looked into getting a satellite dish. I will never go back to cable!

Right now I’m getting the Family Package for only $20 a month. It has a good variety of channels for my kids and myself such as Boomerang, Disney, Nick at Night, Investigation Discovery, The Science Channel, Animal Planet, and many more. In fact, you get more than 55 channels. That my not seem like a lot when you’ve had cable with over 200+ channels, but who really watches that many?

I wasn’t charged for installation either. I made an appointment to have it hooked up and the tech came within 48 hours. Unlike satellite dishes from decades ago, this dish is very small in comparison and not conspicuous in the least. Much like cable, I was giving a receiver and a remote control.

The picture is much clearer than when I had cable and the only time I have any trouble at all with getting a picture is when there’s a storm. By comparison, when I had cable it would often go out and the On-Demand was virtually useless.

When I moved, all I had to do was take the receiver and remote with me. Another tech came out within 24 hours and put up a dish at the new house. No charge for that either. In contrast, whenever I had cable and would move, I’d have to pay a fee to get the cable turned on at the new place, even if it was cable ready and all they had to do was input my new information.

I’ve never encountered a hidden fee either. That used to gripe me to no end with cable. They’d quote you a price and when the bill came there were so many other charges I’d end up paying at least $10 a month more. With the Dish Network, if they say it’s $20 a month, that’s what you pay. No surprises.

Their customer service is great too. I’ve never had to wait on the line more than 30 seconds and the operators are always friendly, knowledgeable and honest. They’ll let you know how to get the best deal based on your circumstances and alert you to any problems or specials.

The Dish Network has a wide variety of packages ranging from $20 up to $85 for the America’s “Everything” Pak that has 295 channels and 31 premium movie channels. I can’t see myself every needing it since the Family Package is very good.

I’m very happy with the Dish Network and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to save money and enjoys a quality picture and programming.

Rating: 10

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