Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting Enough by Leonard Rosmarin

The blurb for Getting Enough should lure just about anyone who has even the slightest bit of voyeur in them.  After all, who could resist taking a peek into a family like this:

A scandalous portrayal of a beautiful seductive Jewish Diva named Vera Rose, whose life is at a tipping point and ready to implode. Trapped between a mid-life crisis and the affliction of an unfulfilling sexless marriage, Vera is compelled to escape her repressive existence, after an explosive argument with her husband, Sidney. She reflects on her life and decides to unleash her true self and takes her niece's husband, Boris as her lover. As relationships begin to crumble around her, Vera is surprisingly struck by the realization that she has unfairly misjudged Sidney as the despicable wretch and sexual failure she loves to hate. Together they unexpectedly manage to work out a loving reconciliation.

Getting Enough is one of those books you continue to think about long after you've closed the cover and set it down.  The characters in Leonard Rosmarin's book are so vibrant, so real, and hilariously flawed that you simply can't stop mulling over the events and witty venom spewed.  What Mr. Rosmarin did was to take his "full of flavor" Jewish family, stuff them all in a blender, added several dashes of sexy spice, cold bitter, and sweet syrup, along with a healthy dose of "what could have been" events, pureed it all then poured it out on the pages to entertain the reader.  And what a ride this is!  I read it all in one sitting since I honestly couldn't set it down. 

There were points in the book where I thought, "You scoundrel!" Or, "You poor fool!"  I laughed, I shook my head, I even learned a thing or two about opening up and being honest in a relationship.  Holding things in and blaming the other party for the lack of spark in a marriage only results in frigid distance and potentially dire consequences.  On the other hand, viewing your partner through new eyes and exploring the possibilities within yourself and your spouse can erupt like a volcano of passion! 

Getting Enough is available in hardcover and a Kindle edition. 

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