Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Road To Fort Worth by Michael Smith

Michael Smith's book The Road To Fort Worth is an inspirational trip down the author's own road to hell then freedom.  As a sufferer of panic disorder myself, I know how hard it is to overcome this.  Alcohol can certainly calm the nerves but, as Mr. Smith soon found out, it can lead to problems of its own.  Not until he's battling alcoholism and panic disorder does he wake up and realize there has to be help out there for him.  Though true help was a long time coming.

No matter where he was directed it just seemed to make matters worse or only helped for so long before he started the downward spiral again.  Would nobody truly understand what he was going through and help him rather than masking his problems with prescription drugs, shoving him from one form of treatment to another, all with no positive result? 

In the end this is a book about hope, about never giving up on yourself no matter how bleak the present and future may seem.  It's a book that instills the comfort and reality that miracles do happen. 

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