Sunday, September 5, 2010

MetroMint Peppermint Water Review

Today I was given a free bottle of MetroMint Peppermint flavored water.  The only ingredients are purified water and mint.  Now, I love mint and one thing I do when I'm really hot and thirsty is to chew some peppermint gum then drink a bottle of cold water.  If anyone has done this, you know how cold that feels!  It's really refreshing. 

When I got this bottle of MetroMint I thought it sounded like a great idea.  I'm always into new diet and health products and this indeed seemed like a very healthy drink.  It's not sweetened and is supposed to taste super cool. Since there are no sweeteners it won't raise blood sugar or cause weight gain.  What a nice change from just plain water and iced green tea!  (I try to stay away from diet sodas since artificial sweeteners make me sick.)

I chilled it then took the bottle out of the fridge, opened it and took a big swallow.  I'll admit, I don't like MetroMint at all.  It tastes like water mixed with Milk of Magnesia.  The mint taste wasn't what I expected and I simply couldn't finish the bottle.  I dumped it down the sink.  Although a lot of people may like the water and mint taste, I didn't.   

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