Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tales of the Dead

This DVD has a five short films. Think British-Indie-B-horror-movies. A group of friends each tell a different horror story, each declaring their tale of gore is even worse.

Less is More was particularly gruesome at the end as a woman who was always obsessed with being an amputee gets her wish. It made my stomach a bit queasy.

Wolf Cry was my favorite. A 19 year old wannabe filmmaker who lives in his head and sees everyone and everything around him as monsters and other scary creatures is forced by his single mother to do better in school and get a job. As this short story progresses he can't seem to control his imagination and everywhere he looks there are ghouls after him. In the end it has some deadly results! Since I tend to have a very vivid imagination I could really identify with this young man in some ways.

In the final part of the film, Cromwell's Curse, the group talks about a local haunted house and the curse centered on it. Is it all just fiction? Or could it be real? The group soon finds out...

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