Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Best Part Of Fall

Guest post written by Thomas Hansen

Summer is my favorite season because I'm always out of school and have a bunch of free time to hang out with my girlfriend and sleep in late. But once fall rolls around, there is one thing that I really look forward to, the county fair.

I was talking to my girlfriend on Facebook chat with my Clearwire Wimax 4g and we were making plans about going to the fair together last week when I found a food blog talking about all the different kinds of food that they were having at county and state fairs all across the country this year. That got my girlfriend really excited about going because she loves all kinds of junk food.

When we finally got to the county fair , I think that we spent a whole lot more money on the food than we did on the tickets just to get in the fair or to get on the fair rides. But I think it was worth it because our deep fried pickles were delicious.

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