Saturday, October 16, 2010


By: Liberty Kontranowski

Teen fiction is one of the hottest genres out there. Even bona fide best selling authors of adult fiction are dabbling in the teen arena. And, why not? Aside from the ages of the characters, there are a lot of similarities between adult and teen fiction. Which is why you’ll often see a crossover in readership.

If you’re a “grown-up” who simply can’t envision yourself reading teen books, might I suggest THE HUNGER GAMES, by Suzanne Collins, and the subsequential books in the series, CATCHING FIRE and MOCKINGJAY.

Told with a vivid candor, all three of these books relate the dark tale of a teenaged girl living in a post-apocalyptic world. When Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take the place of her 12-year-old sister in The Hunger Games, a televised fight-to-the-death “reality show” held in a dangerous arena, her life changes forever.

Action-packed, violent and impeccably paced, these novels surprise the reader at every turn. If you have a weak stomach, be advised. These tales are very visual in their context and no detail is left untold.

With the underlying themes of first love, commitment, friendship and finding oneself, this trilogy does a fantastic job capturing human nature at its rawest. There is also heavy use of a political theme, which keeps adult characters in the mix at all times. We all know that where there are teens and adults interacting, there is bound to be plenty of conflict.

While I’m not normally a huge fan of dark science fiction, I could not put these books down for anything. Several nights of compromised sleep (both from the hours spent reading and from the non-stop thinking about these stories and their characters) were my end result for giving THE HUNGER GAMES a shot. I must say, it was all totally worth it.

With the movie rights to THE HUNGER GAMES having been sold to LionsGate, now is the time to read all three books. Create Katniss’ world in your own mind, then see what the Hollywood types produce for us. Either way, I promise you’ll be entertained.


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