Saturday, December 18, 2010

Broken Noses Posse - Crowbars Don't Kill People

I love looking for new and unusual websites, something that really catches my eye and makes me laugh or teaches me something I don't already know.  Today I stumbled upon  They have a free 120 page comic book titled Crowbars Don't Kill People ... CROWBARS DO! which you can download as a PDF file.  You can also view the comics right on their website if you'd rather read it that way.

The cartoons look like they're drawn on the fly and the things the characters say often made me chuckle.  In one it appears to be Zeus (or God) standing on a cloud looking down at the people of the earth and says, "I have been dazzling this world with thunder bolts for a millenia times a millenia ... I think I'll switch to these poems I've written about cabinet-making instead."

There's a video section with several irreverent videos ranging from 4 minutes to 81 minutes and is a hodge-podge of ... well ... weird stuff.  It looks like these guys had a lot of fun putting these together.

You'll get an idea of how much fun they have when you take a look at their crew page.  They do not take themselves seriously, which is a good thing.

If you're easily offended I suggest you stay away from  If you want to sit in front of your computer and say, "WTF?!" then do stop by.  Be sure to check out their drinks page, especially their entry for The Pride Of Dusseldorf.  *shiver*

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