Thursday, December 23, 2010

Interview With Richard Franetzki Of

Hi Rick, thank you for joining me today

  • You recently launched the website Can you tell my readers a little bit about this site.

I’d be glad to. Creating a new division of Capital BCS Consulting, we have joined several related business programs together to create their own website and internal business entity ( We provide businesses with "4 FREE Ways To Save Thousands of Dollars Annually" without it costing them an out of pocket penny $0.00! We use industry experts to identify cost reduction and cost recovery areas, with our only payment being a percentage of actual hard $ savings realized and approved by the client.

  • What are the specific services you offer and would this be mainly for big or small business owners?

We have four standard cost reduction programs that concentrate on the areas of:
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Premiums
  • Merchant Card Processing Fees
  • Commercial Lease Overpayments/Errors
  • Solid Waste Disposal Overpayments/Errors/Best Use of Resources
Our services are not specifically focused on small, medium or big businesses, but more on how our four programs are used at the business. On our website we detail who are the best candidates for each program, so I would recommend all businesses visit the site to see if they qualify for our free services.

  • What’s your background in this area?

I have been helping businesses save money for over 20 years from both internal and external positions. With a business management degree and a Masters of Business Consulting, my background includes being a Division Director for the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, DC (who’s mission is to promote and stimulate US Business) and spending 13 years as Director of Research & Development Financial Operations (budgeting, grants management, strategy, finance, etc.) for an international non-profit organization. Now at Capital BCS Consulting (my consulting business) I take this diverse business experience and apply it directly to my client’s goals and challenges.

  • How many people work for you or with you?

I am the sole employee with Capital BCS Consulting, but have expert contractors under agreements to bring clients the very best services within the industry. Specifially, two local colleagues support the business on an ongoing basis, with 6-8 CPA’s and Auditors directly supporting our division. These really are some of the best talent within their areas of specialty. I am lucky to have them on board at Capital BCS.

  • Why do you feel a business audit could help owners?

I see there being three very significant reasons why our services should be seriously considered by all businesses:
  • Our services are structured so that our clients never pay an out of pocket penny $0 for our services. If the results of our work generate actual hard dollar rebate checks or savings, we split a percentage of these dollars with the client. This takes all the financial risk out of working with our company.
  • Our program areas are proven to be riddled with overcharges and errors (we quote some statistics on our site), plus business owners/staff often take the attitude that there is nothing they can do about the amount being charges or that they already know they are paying correctly. This attitude only hurts them in the end.
  • The time it requires a business to participate in our programs is very small, considering the potential for $1,000’s of dollars of savings each year. The average Workers Comp refund check for our clients is $10,000. For the Merchant Card Processing Program, all we require is copies of their last four statements and a signed agreement. Maybe that would take a company 15-30 minutes tops? In today’s economy, who can pass up that opportunity?

  • I’m sure that your service could help business owners save money. What are some common mistakes owners tend to make that they should avoid at all costs?

First, as mentioned earlier, don’t assume what you are currently paying is totally out of your control and/or being billed correctly when complicated pricing models and contractual terms are in place. How many of us naturally get presented with a three pages small print contract where they only really understand the key terms contained within. Often those other terms are hiding billing calculation formulas or schedules that should be verified by an expert that they are being applied correctly.

And second, I would say don’t assume that your regular business reviews/audits catch overcharges of this nature. Very few general auditors or staff have the experience to understand if all of their merchant credit card charges have been applied the correct Interchange Rates, or that their commercial lease landlord is correctly calculating the pass-through expenses being applied to their bill. Realistically, it takes experts in the industry working for you to make sure you are not overpaying.

  • I saw that you have a “work for us” page on your site. How would someone work for your company? Would this be as an affiliate or sales rep?
Yes, we greatly appreciate business referrals, and pay well for other’s efforts. You can formally become a sale rep/locator by joining our program through a simple independent contractor agreement. There is no cost at all to work with us, and we provide all the training and materials necessary to identify potential new clients for our business. And unlike many other affiliate/sales rep programs out there, we have the added benefit that our services are free. So anyone who believes they can give away free cost recovery audits to businesses, should really consider this work-from-home business opportunity (part time or full).

  • What’s one tip you can give our readers if they own a business?

Take a few minutes out of your day to contact me by phone or email to see if we can help your business save a lot of money. If we can’t help your situation, I will be the first to tell them, and thank them for their interest…….but if we can help, then the small time investment they make could produce a 4, 5 or even 6 figure refund check. Others are benefiting, why not them?

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