Monday, January 3, 2011

Out To Lunch Starring Kathrin Smirke

I just finished watching Borscht Bonanza, the third installment of the Out To Lunch series.  I watch a lot of short videos on Youtube and I have to say that Out To Lunch is filmed wonderfully.  How many videos have you watched that looks like someone filmed it with their cell phone?  The acting is solid and believable, and the plots are always lighthearted and funny.  What a nice way to break up the dull workday routine. 

Kathrin Smirke not only stars in Out To Lunch, but she created it, writes it, and produces it. Talk about a Jane-of-all-trades!  OTL just won the weekly comedy tournament on  Watch the three available episodes and you'll see why.  Every character in the show stands out, nobody blends into the background.  You gotta love such strong characterization.  That's one reason why I enjoy shows like The Office and Scrubs.   

In Kathrin's own words, OTL is a Curb your Enthusiasm meets Sex and the City type of show.  I've bookmarked the page and can't wait for her next installment.  How will she top Borscht Bonanza, The Pot Brownie, or Pink Toilet Paper? 

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