Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Steam Team - Professional Carpet Cleaning

Why do nearly all homes in America seem to have that off-white carpeting? It's too hard to keep them clean. With two dogs, two cats, and two teenagers at home I was looking online for some carpet cleaning tips. At least now I can keep the carpet looking better until I can have it professionally steam cleaned.

Have you ever rented one of those steam cleaners from the store?  Okay, they're cheap, that's true. I rented one over the summer for about $30, but it was a lot of back breaking work and the carpet didn't look all that great afterward. Not only that, it was pretty wet too. I had to leave all the windows open--in 110 degree weather--just to dry it out. From now on I'll gladly pay for a professional carpet cleaning company to do it.

I have a friend, Patty, who lives in Austin and has an old beagle that often makes messes on the carpet. I looked around online and found The Steam Team. They specialize in deep carpet cleaning austin and also pet stain odor removal austin.

Since Patty's going to have her in-laws over in a few weeks I told her she should really get her carpets cleaned and the stains and odor removed. Her mother-in-law is famous for her highly acute sense of smell and Patty would be horrified if the woman made a remark about the carpet. Besides, having clean carpets just looks and feels better.

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