Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Energy Work - Aura Clearing and Healing

Kelly Wallace has been a psychic counselor, spiritual teacher and healer for over 20 years. She works personally with more than one thousand clients every year. In her latest book, Energy Work - Aura Clearing and Healing for Spiritual and Material Advancement she will teach you to work with your energy field, clear your aura then change your aura color. This way you can give off the type of energies you want others to feel from you, while attracting the people and opportunities you want in your life as well.

Whether you're searching for love, a better career, more money, your life purpose, or peace and happiness, her book offers incredibly freeing and powerful exercises, and best of all they work!

After you finish Energy Work you'll be able to cleanse, strengthen, heal, and change your aura to attract abundance and to help others as well. You'll also learn about various aura colors and how they can help you, as well as reading the aura of others around you.

This is what the book covers:
  • You Can Change Your Energy Field
  • What color do you need?
  • You can repel or attract
  • What Is The Aura?
  • Don’t Think Auras Exist?
  • Aura Layers
  • What Your Aura Shows
  • A Note About Colors
  • Getting Started
  • Creating A Protective Shield
  • Creating Your New Aura
  • Example - To attract a soul mate
  • Example - To attract money
  • Taking action
  • Ending the meditation
  • Choosing Your Aura Color
  • How To Strengthen An Aura Color
  • Seeing And Sensing Auras
  • Visualizing auras
  • Aura color scan
  • Aura Colors And Meanings
  • Have fun!
  • Helping yourself and others

Get your copy now and start clearing out your aura and attracting the abundance you deserve! Just $2.99.
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