Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Austin Water Damage Repair Service

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Last year my friend who lives in Austin had a lot of water damage due to a severe storm that hit. She was out of state at the time and when she got home she couldn't believe what had happened. There were water stains on the ceiling, her carpet seemed ruined, and a lot of her personal property was damaged too, such as her photo album.

She called me crying, mostly out of frustration, but once she calmed down she called The Steam Team, a company that specializing in repairing water damage austin.  After making the appointment the cleaners came right out and even mentioned their photo restorations services austin.

You would think her house would be ruined after all of that moisture seeping into everything, but they did a professional job and the place looked great. They even handled the water damage ceiling repair austin.

If you happen to live in Austin and are facing water damage, give SteamTeam.com a call and they can take care of the problems--from ceiling to floor.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Severe water damage is something which affects people's homes, buildings and lives. At times, water damage can be a serious reality in Austin TX. Austin water damage teams on standby at all hours. In an emergency, know that you can take advantage of our advanced dispatching system. Thanks for sharing it.........

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  2. My home in Washington also experience great damaged because of flood a water damage repair took out our worries and hassle of restoration. Great blog!

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