Friday, April 1, 2011

Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam Review

After receiving a coupon for a free bottle of Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam hair dye I thought it sounded like a great idea. The dye is in foam form so it would be easier to apply. I like the Clairol line of hair color and, as I said, it was free so I gave it a try. I purchased light golden brown, the color I usually dye my hair.

When I mixed it up in the bottle I noticed that it wasn't very foamy. On the box it looks just like hair mousse or whipped cream.  When I squeezed a big blob out, just as they recommended on the directions, I noticed it was like a watery version of mousse. I didn't like the smell much. It smells like soy sauce mixed with ammonia.

As I applied the foam it got everywhere! I dye my hair about every six weeks, so I'm pretty much a pro at this and never make a mess. However, since the Color Blend Foam is foamy and not a liquid or gel, it got all over the place. On the walls, the floor, you name it. I didn't notice at first because it's light colored at first. By the time I noticed the walls had been stained. Ugh.  It's not like I was applying it while doing interpretive dance in the bathroom. I was very careful, but not careful enough it seems!

Something I did like about it was that one bottle was more than enough to completely saturate my hair even though I have long hair. Usually I need two bottles of dye.

I let it sit for the 25 minutes then washed my hair. After it dried I noticed that the color was much, much darker than the "light golden brown" stated on the box. Also, any place the dye had gotten on my face or arms were badly stained and nothing will get it off.

In a nutshell, here's what I liked and disliked:
  • Good coverage even for long hair
  • Bad smell, but I could get passed it
  • Not as foamy as they say on the box
  • Much darker than the color stated
  • Stains skin badly
Will I use it again?  No. It was just too messy and I didn't like that the color isn't true to the name on the box.

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  1. I have been using Nice'n Easy for almost 40 years but no more. I won't ever even use Clairol again. This was the worst stuff ever!!!!!!! The smell - there aren't enough words to describe. Even with fans I thought I would pass out. I can attest to the terrible drippy inconsistent foam. It didn't reach my roots but it did seem to do a good job of burning my scalp. I also have arthritic hands. I didn't realize how hard I would have to squeeze the bottle. Since the bottle has to be upright, I couldn't even use my feet on the floor. There is also less product than with regular nicen easy and since the bottle has to be upright to squeeze you really don't use all of it without taking the top off. Since there was less product, my hair would not pile on top of my head as usual. I got stains on my arms, shoulders and back. I was taking a trip and had to scrub like mad to lighten them. Leave yourself enough time to wash this out, get to the store and buy another product to do it over again. As I said, I have been coloring my hair for almost 40 years and this was the worst ever!!!! Do not buy this product.