Sunday, April 17, 2011

Personal Success Through Intuitive Living - New Book By Kelly Wallace Psychic Counselor

Kelly Wallace is a well-established psychic counselor who helps thousands of clients each and every year to live happier and more successful lives. In her latest book 10 Minutes A Day To A Powerful New Life! She'll show you how to overcome life's most common roadblocks, tap into your intuition, and create a simple yet incredibly effective ten-minute program that will help you achieve your goals.

Sound too good to be true? Of course it does. You've been led to believe that making money, losing weight, finding true love, and having a satisfying career are difficult and time consuming. This "it's got to be hard or it can't possibly work" approach sabotages our most valiant efforts. I wrote this book to prove to you that living the life of your dreams is not out of reach, and can be easier to accomplish than you ever imagined.

Book Contents:

Part One - Getting Ready
Are You A Statistic?
What Can This Book Help With?
The Booster Shot You Need
Getting Unstuck
You're Out Of Sync
What Is Intuition?

Part Two - Opening Up
You Are A Success Magnet
Exercises: Your Image Of Success
What You Focus On Expands
Exercises: Your Future Life
Paralyzed By Fear
Exercises: Making Changes
The Universal Monkey Wrench
Exercises: Embracing Change
Not My Lucky Life
Exercises: Attracting Luck
Make Room For Your Dreams
Exercises: Uncovering Your Dreams
Quick And Easy Intuition
Exercise: Developing Your Intuition
Is This All There Is?
Exercises: Finding Your Life Purpose
My Big Fat Karma
Exercises: Releasing Karma

Part Three - The Roadblocks
Do You Have A Big But?
Exercises: Recognizing Your But
I'm Not Good Enough
Exercises: Raising Self-confidence
Evicting The Saboteur
Exercises: Getting What You Want
Who Am I?
Exercises: Finding Yourself
The Control Freak
Exercises: Letting Go
The Volcano
Exercises: Releasing Anger
What If?
Exercises: From Worry To Wonder
It's Not My Fault
Exercises: Taking Responsibility
Rewiring Your Brain
Exercises: Laying The Past To Rest
Wait. What?
Exercises: Improving Focus And Concentration

Part Four - Figuring Out Your True Goals
Tapping Into Your Higher Self
Living Your Dreams
Exercises: Your Dream Life
Giving Back While Getting Back
Exercises: Volunteering

Part Five - Creating Your 10 Minute Program
Creating Your Power Focus
Creating Your Power Map
Creating Your Power Phrases
Creating Your Power Visions

That's All It Takes
Get your copy today for only $2.99!
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