Monday, July 18, 2011

Autotick - English Grammar Exercise Test Worksheets

I've mentioned in previous posts that I home schooled my children. Back then there were few resources for creating a curriculum and even fewer test worksheets. Now that home schooling is more common more and more websites are offering wonderful educational products, worksheets and tests.

Autotick English grammar exercise test worksheets are simple to use and cheat proof. Using their program teachers and parents will:

~ Never worry about cheating since the student can't simply press the "submit" or "check the score" button to view the answers.

~No longer have to be around to supervise the student taking the test since there's no way to cheat.

~When you're ready you can mark the test by entering a password and the marking process is done in a flash. This means you'll save time from manually checking their tests against the answer key.

The program is fun, easy to use, and inexpensive. Children who have used the program have shown improvement in their command of English grammar. Even if you don't home school, it's always good to help your children have the best education possible and much of their learning starts and ends at home. Teachers will also find Autotick useful and a huge time saver.

Be sure to download your free sample!

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