Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deli a GoGo - Whitchurch Village Cardiff, Wales

My last name is Wallace, like William Wallace aka Braveheart. I like to say we're related. Don't look him up on Wikipedia, he looks nothing like Mel Gibson. Wallace is an old scots term for Welsh speaking or 'of Welsh stock'. I really enjoy delving into my ancestral history and also eating foods from those countries. Today's review is about Deli a GoGo which is located in Cardiff, Wales and has a menu that will make you drool.

For those in the States who've heard that the food over there is bland and boring, look over Deli a GoGo's site and think again! As I scanned the menu, I homed in on the "cheese & cheese" section. I'm a cheese lover through and through. Not only do they have an excellent selection, but I also learned about the "Juliet Harbutt’s system from the World Cheese Book" to identify cheese. 1 is fresh cheese and it goes all the way past hard (number 5) to 7, which has flavor added. You learn something new every day!

Whether you're looking for wonderful wine and cheese, or a scrumptious sandwich or brunch, be sure to stop by Deli a GoGo.
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