Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Not Who You Know It's How You Treat Them by Corinne Gregory

How many times have you heard the sayings, "Be good to the people on your way up because you'll meet them again on your way down," or "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," or "Be kind to your neighbors," etc.? There's good reason for sayings such as these and Corinne Gregory, leading authority on social skills and personal development, shows you why in her book It's Now Who You Know It's How You Treat Them.

Though her book focuses mainly on business relationships, her advice holds true for all relationships in general. Her book covers these topics and more:

  • It’s all about Attitude: Cultivating the Power of Respect.
  • Perception IS Reality: Making a Winning First  Impression.
  • Turning “What’s in it for ME?” into “What’s in it for US?
  • Five Simple Ways to Make Lasting Connections.
  • Showing Appreciation as a valuable tool.
If you want to be a success in business, or in life in general, it's not really about who you know and networking your hours away, but rather how you treat these people. If you have a winning attitude and treat others well you'll be seen as someone who can be trusted. Successful people aren't simply lucky; they know "five secrets" that make all the difference.

Corinne also offers custom workshops and can speak at corporate, educational or youth event. Purchase It's Not Who You Know It's How You Treat Them today and start making positive changes in your life!
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  1. Since you do such great reviews, you should get a Goodreads account! My mom, Corinne Gregory, has one and she uses it to keep up with her readers!