Friday, July 15, 2011 Review

MyCollegePal isn't just another social networking site, nor is it like Facebook. Instead, what this site is meant to do is to bring college students and college graduates together to share their blogs, participate on forums, add their reviews, and more. When Facebook started it was for college kids, but has since branched out, becoming close to another Myspace. In MyCollegePal you'll find that it's exclusively for the college set. Not only can you hang out and meet other people, share information and ask questions, but you're also helping to build an online mini-universe that will help other college students today and tomorrow.

When you sign up (it's free) you get your own URL and your own MyCollegePal blog, along with an RSS feed so others can subscribe to your blog. The more you participate the higher your ranking will go (there are seven levels) and you can even earn money along the way!

It's super easy. If you're in college or are a college grad, simply sign up, subscribe to their free newsletter, post a review about your university, and meet other college students and graduates in the forum. If you sign up now you may receive a free welcome gift of four self-improvement e-courses.

Check out MyCollegePal and become a member today!

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