Friday, July 15, 2011

Sharpen Intuition With Blindfold Activation

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Many people who follow my review blog are aware that I'm also a popular psychic counselor. I've written several books on psychic develop and intuition and am always looking out for new methods to increase one's natural gift of intuition. Today I came across the website and it looks pretty interesting. The theory and method behind this is to use the blindfold to help your child increase his/her intuition.

Kids who have already used this midbrain activation secret were able to do incredible things such as guessing a card, riding a bike, reading a closed card, and guessing an item behind a wall...all with their eyes closed!

The truth is, each and every one of us is born intuitive, but because it's not considered mainstream we aren't taught how to hone this special gift. So, as we get older it diminishes and for most people it totally vanishes. However, haven't there been times when that inner voice inside told you that something was a good or bad idea? Yet how many times did you ignore this voice, only to later regret it? Think of the possibilities if you can help your child increase intuition! They'd be able to interact with others better, do better in school, be more successful in all areas, and probably won't make a lot of the same mistakes we did.

Intuition is a natural and normal part of life. It isn't magic or anything supernatural or bogus, it's real and it can be incredibly helpful. Stop by today and see how this method can help your child live a happier, more successful life.

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