Sunday, August 28, 2011

House of Sin Review

This movie reminded me of an erotic and less gory version of Hostile. Remember that movie where the wealthy could act out any fantasy they had? Those fantasies seemed to revolve around torture and murder, while in House of Sin sex is on the menu--and there's a huge variety! Why do I love Philip Gardiner films? He's living a dream, that's why. He has the ambition to follow what intrigues him and makes films from them. It's also interesting to see him "grow" over the years. His films get better, tighter, and more intriguing. I'm always wondering what he'll come up with next. House of Sin didn't disappoint me. There's enough eroticism without downright porn. It's eerie and weird, without making your stomach churn (which I felt while watching Hostile!) What would you do if you entered a house like this? What fantasies do you keep locked up? Or would it shock and disgust you to enter this home?

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