Monday, August 1, 2011

Poor Chloe King

Guest post written by Rachel Brentmeyer

I really couldn't imagine what it would be like if you were 16 and found out that you were a part of some kind of human cat ancient race. But then on top of that, finding out that you're supposed to unite that race together in the world would be even more to bear. I think thought that Chloe King in the new show The Nine lives of Chloe King is handling it well, considering all things. I've been watching the new show and I've really been following along to all of the details and enjoying it!

I was online trying to find some season finale spoilers just because I'm so interested in it and while I was online looking, I saw the site After I read through it a little bit, I decided to change over my home internet service to the provider.

I didn't find out all that much, besides what I had already figured out. I'm sure that Chloe getting romantically involved with her keeper is going to further complicate things. But at least they can kiss without her killing him!
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