Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Vistaprint Business Cards Review

Image representing Vistaprint as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseRecently I got an email from Vistaprint to get 250 business cards for free. I needed some new cards for my writing business so I figured I couldn't lose with this deal. Now, the cards aren't totally free. I had to pay about $5 for shipping and handling, which isn't bad. They have hundreds of templates to choose from and they cover a wide variety of business types; everything from landscaping and dentistry to massage therapy and childcare. 

Their system is easy to use. Just choose the template you like and on the following screen you type in your information. It will show up on the template so you can see exactly what it will look like. After you have your card the way you like it you give it the okay and then go through several screens of special offers. I opted out of them all--I just wanted my free business cards. 

About two weeks later they came in the mail. Here's what I did and didn't like about the Vistaprint free business cards:

Although the font looked really good on my computer screen, it was far too small when I got to see the cards in person. From now on I'll go to their screen that allows you to manipulate the text and fonts and make the writing bigger.

The free cards only came in matte finish and I didn't like how "washed out" they looked. It made them look very cheap too, like something I could print from my computer at home. If I opted for the glossy finish it would have been $10 more.

Every card has a white line down one side. I'm assuming it's from where the machine cut the cards. 

"Vistaprint" is printed on the back. If I wanted a blank back it would have been more money.

Aside from these factors, for free business cards they were decent. However, I would definitely pay for the glossy next time. I probably won't use these cards since I need something more professional looking, but many people may find them suitable. 

I often see specials where they offer the better business cards for $10 which include the glossy finish and a blank back. I'll wait until they're offering this again and get the nicer cards.

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