Friday, September 17, 2010

Advantage Home Rates

Think you can't get a home mortgage because you have bad credit?  Advantage Home Rates could help.  The website is full of information to help first time buyers make an educated decision whether to own their own home or rent and how much money you'll need for a down payment if you do decide to buy.  You may only need 3%

Years ago it was difficult enough to purchase a home, but now with the downturn in the economy it's even harder.  Those with good credit find it stressful to locate a company that can offer them a home loan, and those with bad credit often feel there's no hope of ever owning a home.  Advantage may be able to help those who are in a high-risk category to purchase the house of their dreams. 

Perhaps you already own your home but would like to refinance to pay off credit card debt or to get a lower interest rate so your monthly house payments are less.  Check out the many benefits Advantage has to offer, do your homework, then decide. 

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