Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Football Food

Guest post written by Brenda Reed
I'm really good at cooking, but my passion is baking so I always make a lot of fun treats for my family when we go tailgating before college football games. Most of the time I make football shaped cupcakes or cookies decorating with icing in school colors.
My husband usually handles the food prep for the other food like hot dogs and handburgers while I take care of the desserts. That's staying the same this football season. I finally convinced my my sister to fly in from New York to come to go a good old ball game. But before she came I knew that I would have to make sure I was in tip top shape and representing myself well because she can play the older judgmental role pretty well.
So I went and bought a new outfit, got my hair done and bought some hearing aids Miracle Ear Baltimore MD so I wouldn't have to be asking her to repeat stuff all the time. What was really funny though was when she actually flew in for the game she told me about how she had just gone to Miracle Ear New York .
As for the game we won and she loved my football cupcakes.

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