Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alien Time Machine - Encounters From Another Dimension

Terry Le Riche Walters is interviewed about his story of having been in contact with extra terrestrials since he was a small child and was later made into a book My Orion Friends. As a child he had psychic visions of how other people felt and then when he was a teenager claims to have boarded a spaceship. I've watched a lot of films about people who claim to have been witnesses of UFOs, on board their ships, in constant contact with other beings, and so forth. Terry is different than many of them since he isn't afraid and considers them part of his higher, spiritual self. He doesn't pretend to know it all, only what he knows and has experienced. What someone else may know or experience may be different.

He feels that his psychic abilities tend to get in the way of his life at times and make it a bit embarrassing. He often keeps his mouth shut when he sees that someone is ill or about to die since he doesn't want to seem crazy.

Ultimately he talks about the time machine and how people who've used this time machine can choose to be observers or actual participants in the past (or future) but some met with death. There's actual footage of the time machine. I'm not sure if it would really work, but the idea of it is interesting nonetheless.

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