Thursday, September 23, 2010

Strange Is Normal: The Amazing Life Of Colin Wilson

I've always been a huge fan of Colin Wilson's work, especially his books on crimes and serial killers, so I was eager to watch this lengthy Strange Is Normal: The Amazing Life Of Colin Wilson interview with him. I wasn't disappointed! They talked of his writing life, how he became an even bigger success after writing The Occult, his near attempt at suicide, meeting Marilyn Monroe and much more.

What I found most fascinating about this interview was when he talked about Super Consciousness. He was driving along one day feeling that the world was so very plain and boring, when he suddenly reached this state of consciousness where everything seemed incredibly interesting and wonderful. He goes much more into depth on the subject, but now I've put in an order for his book Super Consciousness. I'd like to learn more about those moments of absolute clarity. Those ah-ha! Moments.

His publishing history is quite impressive and yet he's one of the most down-to-earth authors I've seen interviewed. As an author myself, if I'm only one-tenth as successful I'll consider it a victory.

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