Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cooling Off

Guest post written by Tony Call

Well, I would say that I was glad that our air conditioner broke down at the end of the summer, instead of at the beginning or in the middle of it. But I'm not glad that it broke down at all and it was almost 100 degrees the day that we realized it was broken too!

We noticed it as soon as we got up one Tuesday morning a few weeks ago because it was so stuffy in the house. I had woken up during the night feeling kind of hot but thought it was just me. But when we realized that the problem was our A/C we called and got a new SEARS new air conditioner installed.

I was really relieved that they got it done so quickly because the next night was my turn to host poker night with the boys and I knew that we couldn't stand to play at the house if the A/C was broken. It wouldn't have been a big deal to host it at someone else's house but I didn't want to put anyone else or their families like that when they weren't expecting it at the last minute.

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