Monday, September 20, 2010

Bigfoot Is Real!

I've been intrigued by Big Foot and his "kin" ever since I was a kid and watched In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy. This 2 disc set covers anything and everything the Big Foot lover could want. My review started getting too long, so I focused on three of the episodes:

Bigfooting in Oklahom

A woman named Esther is interviewed and she relays her stories of being "visited" by Big Foot from the age of 3 and up. At first she was scared to death, but over the years she became intrigued and even determined to prove that this creature is real. She takes out on the road to capture videos of others who have witnessed this creature and hopes to get a glimpse of the apelike animal on film. Bigfooting in Oklahoma is chock full of eyewitnesses and their stories.

Tales of the Honey Island swamp monster

Jay Michael relays the story of the Honey Island monster, a swamp-living beast and how he and Marlon Davis created the documentary. As they set out to film it they discovered that it was all a hoax Harlan Ford created. Claw-type feet were made and attached to a pair of shoes. The person then walked around the swamp to create these footprints. Were they disappointed? Perhaps, though they were also intrigued how someone could get away with this hoax for so many years. They feel they learned a lesson to not believe everything you hear. However, Jay still feels that there may be a Honey Island Swamp Monster, it's just that the "proof" was a hoax.

Swamp Apes

Did Bigfoot follow man across the Bering Strait? The film talks about the Phoenicians and the fact that they sailed and explored...and could have brought primates to America. Some of the primates may have started eating meat, walking upright, and becoming smarter within just a few generations. The documentary covers every question you could possibly ask about these big apes. Why don't we see them? Where could they have come from? And more.

The second disc, The Wildman of Kentucky is good too.

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