Thursday, September 23, 2010

Egypt Exposed: The True Origins Of Civilization

What I liked about Egypt Exposed: The True Origins of Civilization was how excited Robert Bauval is in discussing his theories that he feels are facts.  He talks about how in the distant past (10,000+ years ago) were men who were geniuses just like Sir Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein, though those wise men of eons ago didn't have science as the more contemporary geniuses did/do.  Instead, they expressed themselves, their beliefs, their visions and theories through archeological structures (such as the Great Pyramids), and hieroglyphs that present day science can't fully interpret. 

Mr. Bauval goes into great depth exploring the links between the Orion Correlation and the pyramids, as well as many other theories about where human civilization "truly" began.  True or not, it was interesting to keep an open mind while watching this film and wonder, "What if?" 

I do wish there were more photos to explain what he talks about so it would be easier to comprehend as I'm a very visual person.  

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