Monday, September 20, 2010

Real Ghosts UK: Ghosts Aren't Real - Think Again!

Since I'm a psychic counselor as well as a freelance writer, I'm very much into the paranormal and watch every new DVD that comes out on the subject. 

Real Ghosts UK is a three disc set.  The first disc, The Mermaid Inn, shows a psychic going through various rooms telling us what he sees then they interview workers who have experienced ghostly phenomena while at the Inn. The second half of the first disc was a seance in which the psychic showed the participants various energies and spirits.

The second disc, Scotland's Haunted Bunker, was mostly one long seance (or physical circle, as they call it) with various "Rossyln" tones being played in the background to invoke spirit energy. Although the seance itself is a bit interesting, it was hard to listen to several minutes of one, long tone. (Much like when the television goes off air for the night.) I'm sure for the participants it was eerie and interesting to partake in the sessions, but it was a bit monotonous for the viewer.

The third disc, The Guy Fawkes Inn, focuses on the psychic going around various rooms and doing a reading as to what he feels and sees. He then talks to various Inn workers to hear their stories and share what he experienced as well. This was my favorite disc out of the three. It's interesting to hear about the spirits that linger, what they may look like and how they seem to feel and interact with the living. Many of the spirits are stuck and some of the ghosts are simply residual energy leftover--much like a recording.

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