Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Madness Of Sherlock Holmes

I'm a fan of Philip Gardiner since he will venture where most men fear to tread.  He explores and brings to life people, places, groups, and happenings that many of us wonder about but can't find enough information on or may have never thought about before.  This documentary is no different.  I've read a lot of Sherlock Holmes books and knew that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had an "odd" personality and life.  Mr. Gardiner introduced loads of information I wasn't even aware of.  In this film we follow Doyle from his time at a Catholic Jesuit school and into his interest into the occult and membership into secret societies. As with all Gardiner films, the amount of investigation he does is phenomenal and he shares it all with us, from well-known facts to curious speculation. 

Throughout The Madness of Sherlock Holmes we see many photos of the author and his life, which I found quite interest in and of themselves.  Yes, Doyle was eccentric, there's no doubt about it.  When you read a Sherlock Holmes book it's like taking a walk through the author's mind, and it does seem that Holmes and Watson are really both sides of the author himself.  Like most geniuses they're also plagued by madness, and Doyle is no exception.  This film was truly fascinating!   

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