Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Family Camping Trip

Guest post written by my buddy Catherine Grant

We had pitched our tent a few days ago in the garden to check it was all there, tried the gas stove and bought new batteries for the torches, me and the boys were now ready for our little camping trip. We have planned this trip for months, even bought a compass and new sleeping bags, it is a trip to help the boys become men.

The idea is to camp in some open field next to a river, only a few miles away, the boys will make a small fire and I am going to teach them how to catch fish, and cook them on an open fire. I know there is a farm near there and we should be able to get some eggs and milk from the farmer. The woods are full of raspberry bushes and other fruits, with some nut trees, so hopefully we won't go hungry. But just in case, I have packed a few cans of food and a can opener.

One idea I have, is to teach the boys how to collect rain water, mainly for cooking or a cup of tea, but also to practice in case there is ever an emergency. But the last thing I must do before we head off, is to ensure that I have set our ADT Alarm, you never know.

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