Friday, October 29, 2010

Playing Tennis For Fun

Guest post from: Kent Lara

If you are competitive person, you may want to try the game of tennis on for size. It is a very fun game that can acutally be very addicting to play.

I love to play this game. There are many reasons why I like to do this. One, it gets me out of the house. After work, I love to put on my athletic clothes and play a few sets of tennis for stress relief. Tennis really gets my blood moving after putting hour after hour in at the office.

Another reason to play is that I get to go out with my favorite tennis partner, my wife of fourteen years. She is a very good tennis player, and was the best on her tennis team in high school. Needless to say, she beats me on occasion and that is very hard to swallow. But, she is good, so she deserves every win.

I love to play anywhere there is a court. The local high school is usually full on nice days so it is hard to find one. But, when I do, I am there for a few hours of fun. Before I go though, I set my ALLHOMESECURITY alarm to keep my home safe from intruders.

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